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Weiskopf speaks on TPC Scottsdale changes

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Steve_ Shaffer:
Good article by Bill Huffman in today's Tribune quoting Weiskopf, Calcavecchia, Magee and Lehman on the changes to TPC Scottsdale:


Thanks for the link.  There seems to be a near unanimity among the archies and some concensus among the pros that the ball issue must be addressed seriously.  The Nov.-Dec. issue of "T & L Golf" has an interesting interview with five architects (Rees Jones, Hills, Morrish, Hurdzan, and Pascuzzo) specifically weighing on this matter.  Prediction:  there will be much tighter ball performance standards within two years for tournament play, quite possibly to a pre-ProV1 timeframe.

BTW, has anyone tried the Nike "One"?  It might have been a one time thing, but it seemed that for me it was 10 yards+ longer than the ProV.


I'd be curious to what others think of the TPC / Scottsdale. Minus a few holes -- I am a fan of the par-4 17th -- I really don't think there's much to rave about.

The course is simply on flat land and unless the changes are really "adding architecturally" to the course it's simply not going to mean much. So what if the boys don't shoot -25?

Does anyone think TPC / Scottsdale really belongs in the top 20 of all AZ golf courses? In my mind it doesn't.

Craig Van Egmond:


         I was never a big fan of the TPC at Scottsdale, overpriced and overrated. I'd rather play the desert course next door 5 times instead.  I'd be hard pressed to rate it in the top 20 courses in Scottsdale.  

Matt, no way it is in the Top 20, but agree, that among TPC courses, it is probably #2 or #3.  Bottom line, most of the TPC courses are just awful.  Concept at TPC Scottsdale was to be able to handle 120,000 people in one day, as they do on Friday and Saturday, which it can do.  I do think Weiskopf and Morrish did a pretty good job, since handling crowds was "job one".  The circus atmosphere is why the field is generally weak.  I would rank it around 30th in Arizona, but I am a Southern Cal person, so I have not seen all courses there, including the new Desert Mountain one nor Whisper Rock.  I have seen Mirabel, which I am not crazy about.  Andy


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