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The Country Club New
« on: May 28, 2023, 11:02:04 AM »
I had the opportunity to play The Country Club in Brookline yesterday and though I wish I played it decades ago when my game was in far better shape, the virtues of TCC are obvious.

TCC is a seriously good property. A cynic might say it was destiny to build great golf holes there and sure enough this was done. Without mentioning hole numbers, I can safely say that there are quite a few holes and shots that one would enjoy playing over and over again.

A few other things stand out: it is not just that there are many great green complexes, but the green locations just seem to fit in place as well as any I have ever seen. There is a beautiful naturalness about them that really stands out.

TCC, while certainly being a challenging golf course, does offer lots of width for tee shots. That feature is not just welcome, of course, but it seems to fit the scale of the property.

TCC is also a classic example of where it is wise to keep approach shots below the hole. As my very experienced caddie put it, “it is better to be short than long”.

GCA members all understand that if one wants to appreciate the best of golf architecture, one has to travel. I have long felt that if one does make the journey, experiencing a course that has its own character is perhaps the single most important thing. That can be said of TCC, IMO. If you get an invitation, go ahead and jump on a plane. TCC is worth it.
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Re: The Country Club
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2023, 11:50:47 AM »
I echo your thoughts Tim about TCC, it's a true treat in the golf world, as it has that special feel to it shared by the likes of PV, Oakmont, etc.  Add the history and the campus, and it's easy to fall in love.

I was fortunate to play the tournament routing last year post-Open so it's fun to compare to the members' routing.  The members' order is a bit more quirky with old #4, old #9, and old #10 re-inserted, but it's also a treat.

The green complexes are the star, as there aren't too many courses remaining that have at-grade greens, and TCC has a handful.
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