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Founders Group International, the parent company of the Jack Nicklaus-designed Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club, announced in late February that the Lowcountry layout at the southern edge of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, will receive a makeover this summer.
As reported by, the course will close in late May to launch a four-month greens, bunkers and clubhouse renovation project that will reinvigorate the course.
FGI has contracted with Nicklaus Design and architect Troy Vincent, who spent 15 years with Nicklaus Design, to handle the first significant renovation of Pawleys Plantation since its opening in 1989.
"Jack Nicklaus is not just an iconic golfer but also an iconic architect, so if we are going to touch one of his best courses, we want to make sure we are working with him and one of his architects," said Steve Mays, FGI president. "Troy is going to do a fantastic job not only in restoring Pawleys but taking the course to a new level."
Vincent was onsite Feb. 20, meeting with FGI leadership as he prepares final plans, but his topline goals are clear:
— Every green on the course will be resurfaced and restored to its original size and specifications, an effort that will increase the number of pinnable areas on each green complex.
— All greenside bunkers will be overhauled, returning shape and character to them, in addition to the installation of Concrete Capillary Bunker Liners, which will significantly improve conditions throughout the year.
— All of the course’s sprawling fairway bunkers will be evaluated with many being reduced in size or eliminated entirely. In place of acres of sand will be additional fairway — and in some instances, a more native look.
— There will be significant tree removal throughout the property, an effort that will provide more room off the tee and just as importantly, provide better conditions for turf growth.
Collectively, the renovations will produce a layout that is more playable for mid- to high-handicappers while maintaining its ability to test more skilled players. The renovation will also extend to the Pawleys clubhouse where a completely reimagined pub and dining experience will take place.
Upon the course’s reopening, the bar will offer an expansive view of the marsh and there will be outside dining, among other enhancements.
In recent years, FGI has commissioned major renovation projects at Grande Dunes Resort Course, Pine Lakes and River Hills and the effort at Pawleys Plantation will be the biggest to date.
"There is more interest in golf and Myrtle Beach than there has been in a long time,” Mays said. “We want to make sure we continue to reinvest in our courses and make the experience the best it can be."
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Pawleys is the golf course I've played the most in my life. It's tough - sometimes seemingly unrelenting - but it's also a really beautiful place, with its back nine stretch of marshside holes. Restoring the original size of the greens will have the biggest impact on playability, as will adding back lost fairway-length grass in the landing areas and around the greens. Prudent tree removal will also help the place breathe much better.

I've got high hopes for the renovation and look forward to it happening.
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