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Later this month on the 19th, I plan on participating in a 100 Hole event at Keller Golf Course in support of a very worthy charity in Birdies 4 Brains.

B4B supports families in Minnesota who are currently living with the effects of a brain injury. They do wonderful work and you can learn more at this link: or at this great GOLF article here:

A few years ago I requested support from GCA and was overwhelmed by the response. Back then I offered a round of golf as my guest at White Bear YC in exchange for a donation. I've since hosted many of you to thank you for your support, which has been a fun way to meet more GCA folks.

I'd like to extend the offer again this year, if OK with the group. If you support my 100 holes with a meaningful donation I would be happy to host you sometime in the future for a round. I won't put a $ amount on it but know the higher the amount the more fun we will have!  :)  And don't worry about redeeming it in a certain time frame, etc. If you're out of town and visiting I can usually figure out a time.

If you are interested in supporting, please click on the following link to donate: [size=78%]Support Pat Craig - Birdies4Brains 100 Holes Event 2023 | PledgeIt for Charities[/size]

Thank you all for your support of B4B!



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