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Peter Sayegh

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Re: Who Are You Guys(revisited)?
« Reply #950 on: January 30, 2023, 09:30:35 AM »
Ran granted me access to GCA in 2006 even though I had (still don't) any "credentials." I enjoyed the site and wanted the opportunity to ask questions.
I avoided this post because I couldn't (still can't) sniff the knowledge/experience/"status" of those who contributed here since then.

Peter Sayegh
Myrtle Beach, SC.
55 years old.
Handicap: my iron game.

Grew up on Jersey Shore and played any course with public access. Lived next door to MRGC.

Went to college in L.A. Played only Brookside and Arroyo Seco. Like others, I was a poor, working student.

Still exploring the Myrtle Beach courses I have yet to visit.

I've been a "member in residence" at Pinehurst for three years now. I consider myself very blessed (lucky).


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