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It is with simultaneous regret and rejoice that the competition committee has certified the 1 Point victory over the long victorious WEST juggarnaut, by a scrappy EAST team.  Frankly, I am somewhat relieved as having held the MASHIE for 5 seasons was beginning to feel... I dunno, Selfish? SIX would have just been excessive. Taking it out on rounds, playing with it, having to remember to put it in the bag to bring to the next MASHIE year, after year, after year... after year. That's an awful lot... 

Truth be told, the actual Mashie didn't make it to Prairie Dunes and I was insistent, "We have to win, I forgot to pack the damn stick."
In all seriousness, we are a guerrilla operation and thankfully, the event was spectacular. Thank you to those of able to attend, and those that could not, you were missed.
I will let others opine on their experiences and recollections of the course. 
Thanks to DAN MOORE for the fantastic Group pic!  The Mashie handoff to Joe M was captured by online lurker, Twitter personality and attendee @bendelowgreens.  After the media week pics began showing up on the inter-webs, he had the gall to Twitter-whine "Am I the only one not invited to Landmand this week?" To shut him up, we invited him to the Mashie.

A special thanks to Rob Collins and Tad King for insanity.
A warm and prayer filled thank you to Will, Bryce and the Andersen Family for following thru with hosting the Mashie during a time of profound sorrow.
To Sam Kincaid and GM Adam Fletcher, thank you for wrangling and making sure we were taken care of.
To Super Dir of Ag, Pat Fisher, thank you for delivering firm and fast on an adolescent grass surface and for moving the pins on our second day when you barely had enough staff on the site. The experience was ridiculous.
A special thanks to the Farmer's Table for keeping us fed at all hours of the day!

A reminder, history has shown that there is always attrition and if you want to join the Mashie, Sign Up!
Thanks again everyone and on behalf of your Mashie Committee, thanks you for joining us "Up Top".
Most gratefully, Yours in Mashie Committee-dom,

Vaughn, George, Thurm and Criss

"UP TOP" at LANDMAND 2022 Midwest Mashie HQ - Clubhouse and Milk Carton Bunker V.Halyard Photo

LANADMAND Mashie Group Photo_Dan Moore Photo

LANDMAND The Mashie!  V.Halyard Photo

LANADMAND Mashie Handoff - Twitter: @BendelowGreens Photos

LANDMAND 2022 #1 Nebraska U-13 Junior - Ty Treadwell - Hole 1 on Final Approach - V. Halyard Photo

LANDMAND 2022  Hole 12 Par 3 - V. Halyard Photo

Landmand Mashie 2022 Mashites Josh Woodward and Vaughn Halyard with The Farmer's Table Principals

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"It's a tiny little ball that doesn't even move... how hard could it be?"  I will walk and carry 'til I can't... or look (really) stupid.


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Hey Vaughn, thanks for the report. The Mashie looks to be the finest I have seen 😎. Is it possible to identify Mashers in the photo?

New plays planned for 2022: Erewash, Malone, Cruit Island & St Pats

Jason Thurman

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Mashers, from left to right:

Ken Fry, Morgan Clawson, Jason Thurman, Brad Hill, John McCarthy, Steve Salmen, Bill Steele, Sam Zoske, Jake Marvin, Josh Woodward, Steve Greif, Doug Bolls, Alex Stavrides.

Vaughn is holding the pin and windsock.

Tyler Kearns, Jay Mickle, Frank Sekulic, Joe Perches, Joe Melchiors, Cal Carlisle, Gary Kurth, George Freeman, Criss Titschinger, Dan Moore.
"There will always be haters. Thatís just the way it is. Hating dudes marry hating women and have hating ass kids." - Evan Turner

Some of y'all have never been called out in bold green font and it really shows.

Ken Fry

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I'm late with this public bit of feedback but wow, am I glad I got back to the Mashie!

Vaughn, Criss, George and Jason, thank you.  There were many challenges along the way but you pulled together a great event.

To all those involved at Landmand, thank you.  You welcomed us with open arms during a most difficult time.  Everyone I encountered was first rate.  Sam, Adam, Pat, Tommy, you guys have a special place! And the Farmer's Table hit the spot!!

This was my first Mashie since 2016 at Wolf Run when, wait, yes, the East team won.  Coincidence???

The heck with the outcome, it was great catching up with old friends and meeting some new.  I'm hopeful it won't be another 6 years to make a trip with this group again!



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