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Gary Kurth

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Re: CONFIRMATIONS | 2022 Mashie - Landmand|+ Omaha CC | Sun-Tue Sep 11-13
« Reply #50 on: September 14, 2022, 05:39:28 PM »
I’d like to thank everyone involved with the organization and execution of the Mashie at Landmand.  The past several days was an awesome golf experience.  It was great to meet fellow enthusiasts willing to travel half-way across the country for a couple rounds of golf.

Yesterday’s round at the Omaha CC was the longest 6,370 yards I’ve ever played.  The course conditions and hospitality were wonderful.  I believe every approach shot on the par 4s and 5s was uphill.  Yes, there is some elevation in the Midwest.

Landmand…big, bold, dramatic, wow…pick a word.  Fascinating green complexes.  I don’t know how they envisioned the shaping of the greens and then have the stones to build them.  The #17 & #10 greens will get the press but I found the #4 & #15 greens to be even more interesting.  It was fun to experiment different lines to putt and end near the cup.

I don’t know what deals were made with the weather gods.  We couldn’t have had better conditions.  Today, the high is 90 with south winds at 10-20 mph and gust to 30.  We thought #8 at ~100 yards was tricky with calm conditions, hah, try it today.

If you want more background on the development of Landmand, checkout the interview with Will Anderson on The Bag Drop from a couple weeks ago.

Thanks again to everyone!

Gary Kurth


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