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Charles Lund

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Downsizing, consolidating, and tidying up New
« on: May 18, 2022, 03:16:07 AM »

I accumulated a lot of memorabilia from well over 40 overseas golf trips and too many to count domestic golf trips.  I also accumulated a lot of books about golf, golf courses, and golf course
architecture in places I visited.  Then there's the golf caps, yardage guides, ball markers, marker cap clips, headcovers, handouts from courses, and hundreds of logo balls..  I furnished a condo with framed golf prints after determining that a border crossing to Tijuana made framing an affordable option.

Less than a month ago, I decided to sell my condo in San Diego.  I have a home in a rural area outside of Seattle. I schlepped rolling and regular duffel bags on two flights back to Seattle and shipped three bags with golf equipment and clothing to Seattle.  I donated a lot of small stuff to someone who can use it with groups of juniors starting out in the game.As you might guess, two places means double the equipment and double the junk. I shipped ten boxes of books with USPS and gave away one box and took a couple of boxes to Goodwill.

To make a long story short, I had close to 400 logo balls in six display cases, five of which I still have.  I used Priority Mail to ship the balls to Seattle.

I could give the display cases away to someone in San Diego if there was an interest.

As an alternative, I'd be hapoy to hear suggestions about where I could donate them or be interested in hearing about golf clutter stories.

Charles Lund
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