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Tom Bacsanyi

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Re: What, if anything, has been good so far golf wise in 2020?
« Reply #25 on: December 23, 2020, 03:37:57 PM »
It doesn't feel safe to go to the club just to hand out Christmas money.

We gave ours to the Club Manager and Golf and Tennis Pros. They were more than glad to hand them to their staffs.


Like many, our club has a holiday fund for club employees. This year, the members contributed nearly $100K. This came after we spent the golf season tipping like crazy, because we were so appreciative of them working so hard during a public health crisis. In a way, everybody who works at Beverly was a front line worker, people who worked their asses off so we could get out asses off the couch. Bright side of a dark time.

That's good news!

On the other hand our golf staff was not allowed to do basically 75% of their tasks. We are owned by a corporation, so it's a far different worldview than your typical private club. No valet, no clubhouse access, no helping with bags, no cleaning clubs, the locker rooms were not available nor the bag room, no shoe services, restaurant not open, pro shop not open (everything done through a window), etc. etc. All f and b was basically thru the turn snack shack. Basically all they were allowed to do was stage, clean, disinfect carts, set and pick the range and practice areas, and answer phones. As a result the season end bonus was not great, although our season end is mid October, so no proximity to xmas to help. The good news was it was a much simpler operation and people played a ton of golf.
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Re: What, if anything, has been good so far golf wise in 2020?
« Reply #26 on: December 23, 2020, 07:50:51 PM »
8) Lou,
Please tell me, if you're doing any cart ball  that you don't have a bluetooth speaker with a siren's voice calling out yardage, in between blaring country tunes or perhaps a waltz for timing the swing.Now retired, still looking to play north in Dallas,  maybe in 2021, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year man!

Played 9 holes with my wife at my home club a couple weeks back, the only time I rode a cart all year there (170 full rounds!).

I do on rare occasions join a three guys on Sundays who push carts, and two of them attach high-quality speakers connected to their I-phones.  Typically each has his own playlist from some streaming service and the two together often clash.  One has rather eclectic tastes, from classic rock to show tunes to the occasional symphonic piece.  The other only plays just two kinds of music, country and western.  I've learned to rather enjoy the cacophony.

You've been threatening a visit to north Texas for some time.  We're always ready for the Langs.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.  After 2020, this new year has to be better and happier.  I am looking forward to it (the New Year and your visit).     


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