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Dormant since 2005?

The Mizner Trail Golf Club in suburban Boca Raton, Florida,has sold for $33.3 million to a West Palm Beach-based real estate company that could build homes on the shuttered golf course.
The sale was recorded on Tuesday by the Palm Beach County clerk’s office.

An official with the new owner, North American Development Group, declined to discuss exact plans for the golf course nestled in the Boca del Mar housing residential communities. The course is south of Palmetto Park Road between Military Trail and Powerline Road in unincorporated Palm Beach County.

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Re: Mizner Trails GC ( 1975, Joe Lee) in Boca Raton, FL finally SOLD!
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 :P :P

This story has been a twenty year plus ordeal for all parties involved with all kinds of plot twists. Shame for all that the legal process consumed the project and in the end the inevitable comes. Could have been a better ending for the golf course and home owners.


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