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Ben Hollerbach

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The Evolution of TPC Sawgrass - What is the Impact
« on: March 11, 2020, 02:51:54 PM »
Watching Golf Digest's tour of TPC Sawgrass I was taken back by the number of seemingly significant changes that have been made to the course. From even just a few years after opening to just a few years ago Sawgrass has constantly been in flux with the sole focus on presenting the best possible venue for the Players.

Has all of this evolution left the course today in its best form? If not, at what time in its history was the course in it's best state?

For courses like TPC Sawgrass and Augusta National, who are showcased on a prominent stage each year, how much pressure is there to rapidly evolve the course and what are the ramifications? On one side it seems like Sawgrass has been placed in a pressure cooker in an attempt to reach perfection faster, rather than allowing it to cook low and slow and evolve over time.

When properties like TPC Sawgrass go through major changes does that have any weight on clubs across the country, encouraging them to make larger changes to their courses?


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