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Jeff Schley

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Annual Forebatten charity auction for the cause being led by GCA David Kahn and his family is coming up. Such a heartfelt cause with many (including some posters here) chipping in.  Wonderful article picked up this year by Golf Digest.

Also the Coaches vs. Cancer auction is closing in a few days which features rounds of college basketball coaches primarily hosting a threesome at courses close to campus.

Golf always brings together those who care with those in need.
"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice your gifts."
- Steve Prefontaine

Stewart Abramson

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Monroe CC  in Rochester is one of the courses on the Forebatten auction. It's for a three players and includes lunch. I visit Rochester from time to time but don't know any golfers in the area. If anyone would like to go in on that, please IM me.  If we can get a group of three to play, I'll bid on it.

Frank Sekulic

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There are a few Cleveland are courses on the auction site that look interesting.

I visit Cleveland a few times a year but, the friends I visit do not golf.

If anyone is interested in putting together a threesome, please IM and I will be more than happy to place some bids


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