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From my good friend John Y, this February 1935 San Francisco Examiner article provides additional documentation from the man himself.   

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Doug Wright

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For those wondering what this is about, I'm posting below some threads from a long time back (including posts by some legendary contributors) about the question whether AWT or Mr. Joseph Burbeck designed Bethpage Black. A 2002 Golf Digest article by Ron Whitten espousing the latter fueled this debate. I'm sure there are other threads too... Some very interesting reading on these threads.,3845.0.html,3782.0.html

A thread by Mike Cirba himself:,12519.0.html

This thread hits the issue head on, a 2009 monologue by noted AWT historian Phil Young in counterpoint to Ron Whitten's position,39746.msg834020.html#msg834020

A more recent thread that includes posts by Phil Young. Did Phil's book ever get published?,62169.msg1477097.html#msg1477097,16597.msg288750.html#msg288750

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I hope they all put their signatures on a menu or something while they were together !   ;)


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not sure he'd be jumping for credit for the current version....
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Peter Pallotta

If you glance quickly at that photo, it's remarkable how much H.Chandler Egan looks like Max Behr. And how much both of them look like silent screen star Douglas Fairbanks Jr (who played golf with Bing Crosby, and who famously replied, when asked if he thought he was worth the huge salary he was being paid, "Before God I'm worth a dollar and a half; before Hollywood I'm worth as much as my agent can get me!".) It was a type, I think: good genes, lots of money, and a sophisticated elegance (not to suggest a titch of decadence too). There's no way they'd ever build a golf course that was nasty, brutish and short! 
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