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Jason Topp

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While I realize that this thread is not directly about GCA, I think it is difficult to separate the topics.  One of the core purposes of architecture is to provide a financially viable facility.  So many great projects have died because of a failure of finances. 

This thread provides nice context for the dispute, particularly Cary's explanation of why the plaintiffs are not all that sympathetic and the perspectives of those that have actually made decisions in this area. 

Carl Nichols

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Perhaps the most "interesting" thing to me is the Court's finding that, for the category of members who wanted to remain on the resignation waiting list, the Club both denied them access to the Club and charged them annual dues--which was a change from the Club's original position.  See page 9 of the Opinion:   "Initially, Defendant asserted that while Plaintiffs and the Class Members would not have access, they would not be obligated to pay dues. . . . As of February 2013, Defendant charged Plaintiffs and the Class Members annual Club dues according to their respective categories of membership . . . even though they were denied access to the Club." 

I can't imagine that sat well with the Judge.

Howard Riefs

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Steve_ Shaffer

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Case settled by Trump for 94cents on the dollar!!!!!

After pledging to fight a $5.77 million judgment against one of his luxury Florida golf clubs, President Donald Trump’s company has agreed to pay almost all of it.
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