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--- Quote from: Patrick_Mucci on October 05, 2003, 01:27:49 PM ---

You might be surprised to learn that Greg Norman used a similar bunker style at Old Marsh, in south Florida.

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Greg had nothing to do with Old Marsh-Old Marsh opened in 1988. Are you thinking of The Medalist, Greg's course that opened in 1994ish?


A "misting" system (similar small pop-up sprinkler heads used to water low-lying shrubs) was installed in the revetted faces before the '99 Open.

This allows the turfgrass not to succomb as much to the vagaries of the summer conditions of the bunker face extremes drying out, a nefeast condition that ultimately leads to a lower life span of the revetted bunker face, and subsequently to re-revetting.


Matthew Delahunty:
ingenious - thanks for that, RT. Has that system caught on elsewhere? Most of Carnoustie's faces are "above" ground level (moreso than other most other links courses I've been to) so I'm assuming that makes them more somewhat susceptible to nature.

I know the idea has been written in trade magazines in the UK, but I do not personally "know" of any other specific course doing it.  That's not saying it hasn't been done elsewhere.  I do know of a few clubs that are considering it, esp. after this years "summer smoker" (StDan) here in the UK.

You are right most of the fine lady's obstacles are above grade a bit, whether this makes them more susceptible as general rule to forces of mother nature, perhaps a bit moreso.  The bunkers, irregardless of position above grade, that will get more hammered are obviously those that are southern facing.

Norman built revetted bunkers at Sugarloaf here in Atlanta. They are striking and I like them a lot.

I have asked several people why you don't see more of them in this area, especially with all of the new courses being built.

The answer I get is that the sod rots in the heat and humidity of a summer in the SE. They have to be rebuilt every couple of years and therefore are much more expensive to maintain.



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