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I admit to knowing something about the game of golf, its history, heroes, playing fields but very little about golf course architecture. However, in a dinner conversation with a five-time Open winner he opened my eyes to some of the shibboleths surrounding the subject.

I read raptourous reports  here of the 'natural' bunkering at Sand Hills and elsewhere and paroxysms of delight at the bunkering on The Old Course, but I must ask the question, are revetted bunkers natural? I think not. They are awfully expensive to maintain, are impossible to play for the average player and without constant maintenance would collapse of their own weight.

I realize that I may be accused of heresy, or possibly apostasy, and I shall await a summons to appear before the Lord High Executioner Thomas of Nacaratto for an inquisition. Anyway,I'm off for a quick eighteen holes... wihout revetted bunkers.

You are very correct about the amount of maintenance they require, especially if there is a problem with small burrowing animals.

The other side is they allow for tight bunkering, easy day to day maintenance, prevent washouts and most importantly avoid potential undercutting of the green surface in naturally sandy soils. And they look really great too.

Yours truly,

Administrative Assistant in charge of Defending Revetted Bunkers for the High Executioner

Ian Andrew, AADRB

Jeff Fortson:
I think Tommy likes his bunker walls to look like a geographical timeline of the many eras they have been through.  I happen to be a staunch supporter and believer in and of the Naccarato Inquisition.

Jeff F.

I'm personally sceptical of the long-term viability of "natural" bunkers on wind swept sand base courses (e.g. Sand Hills, Pacific Dunes) without some sort of revetment, now or later, but I'm just guessing based on anecdotal experience.  Time will tell.

Bob Huntley,

I think revetted bunkers add and/or emphasize strategy due to their penal nature, created by their structure, which is totally unnatural and man made.


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