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Kalen Braley:

--- Quote from: Niall C on April 29, 2016, 05:21:45 AM ---
--- Quote from: Kris Shreiner on April 29, 2016, 01:31:13 AM ---Kalen,
What startling revelations are in that information? It is a reclusive, mixed cover, edge hunter.
It's historical range has been compressed greatly to where it now struggles for it's very existence.
I assume that bold text was meant to convey significance.
What..that its avoids heavily urbanized areas...what did you expect to it be stalking the streets of Inverness?
C'mon, where the context?

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I suspect the bit Kalen intended to highlight was the bit about the wildcat avoiding exposed coasts. Do you see Embo being a typical wildcat habitat if left undeveloped ?


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Thank you.  I was a bit surprised given Kris' claimed background in these matters that he didn't put 2 and 2 together.  To boot not only is Embo on exposed Coast, from what I can see on Google Maps, its surrounded by a large agricultural area, also places they avoid.

So given where these cats typically roam and hunt, Embo is one of the last places you would expect to find them...aka the potential impact would be beyond minimal.

Kris Shreiner:
Hey gang, it's  a protected area primarily for birdlife. I'm NOT asserting it is prime Scottish Wildcat territory.
I'm  not dead set against any new golf in that area. I personally believe that better marketing what is already there would suffice.  But anything new certainly should be placed in a responsible site.
That Embo site is the LAST place it should be going. For the numerous reasons stated.
Thomas raised a solid point. The Struie is an excellent opportunity to craft an arrangement that could deliver an efficient, tasteful new clubhouse, and a superb second course.
 I believe there still are the several older holes ŕemaining, not currently in play by the Struie, which could serve as a quick spin for juniors, seniors, or those looking for a chance to quickly knock around a few holes.
The club would retain ownership, Mike and his group would get a cut, C&C get a great site. The footprint is already there. There's loads of sand right down the beach there.
With some compromise and collaboration, something great could emerge and that Embo site can remain the special place it is.
The club, of course has the final say, but they should be just as eager on that effort, as they are to broker support for the Embo site.
Otherwise, they are the really the NIMBY crowd.
Another option. That ocean of sand on the beach, again working properly with the oversight responsible, could be trucked to a more appropriate site to augment or cap what would be needed.
There are a lot of ways to skin the cat...and I don't mean the Scottish Wildcat. There are plenty of sharp people in the loop,  that can craft a way to deliver an exceptional links course, without altering one of that area's most special places.
If the Balmedie charade was doable, sure as hell this is! It takes common sense and a collective will to do something great, responsibly, for it to become reality.

Dave McCollum:
Just took a quick look at the land south of the Struie.  In addition to sandy stretches, there looks to also be a caravan park, an airstip, and the town shitter, so not without complications.

"Just took a quick look at the land south of the Struie.  In addition to sandy stretches, there looks to also be a caravan park, an airstip, and the town shitter, so not without complications."

Dave M. -

My mention of the dunes/links land developing south of the Struie as a possible site for a course was not meant to be taken 100% seriously. I really don't know how large the area is. My guess is it would take decades for that land to mature/stabilize before it was suitable for a course.

On the other hand, it is likely that it could provide a suitable habitat for any birds that might be displaced from the possible construction of a course the Coul Links site.


Dave McCollum:
Mine wasnít entirely serious, either, David.  Iíve only been there once, so I was just being a satellite tourist and having a look around.  I agree, there seems to be quite a lot of non-golf linksland along the coast besides the Coul property.  Maybe not so much for golf development, willing landowners, and so on, but I doubt the birds will care.

Kris, I donít have a dog in this fight, so no need to respond.  Iím only interested because I happen to own some scenic wild ground, with a golf course (next to a town shitter!) and will have to go through this process if ever I were to develop the native ground that makes up the majority of our property.  Iím sure there will be many who feel as you do that such development should not be allowed.  Ironically, I expect the most vocal opposition will come from developments on the Canyon rim that were built because the views we provide, the NIMBY factor.  Views, of course, go both ways and ours used to be totally natural and pristine.  Itís complicated, of course, with many passionate views.  At the very least, I hope you understand my interest and bias.


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