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Brad Tufts

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Re: An Allegorical Question - Why is Myopia only 6500 yards?
« Reply #25 on: June 01, 2015, 02:02:59 PM »
I'm not sure who they play, but in the summer Myopia has polo matches every Sunday open to the public at $10/ticket.  I remember them playing Rockaway Hunt Club one day that I was there.  They have two fields, and considering the golf driving range is limited and cramped, there has always been a want for exploration of the near (to the clubhouse) field for golf practice.  Still, the polo faction has not conceded.  They did use the near field for the range during the most recent Mass. Amateur, and they do use it for demo-day.  Going back and forth with a cart at the end of this was rather onerous, as literally every ball had to be picked...did not want to get blamed for a horse's broken leg if one remaining ball was stepped on!

I would not call Myopia's #9 green small per se...yes, it's only 18-20 feet from side to side, but front to back it has to be 90-100 feet.  The similarity in bunkering to Garden City (which I have yet to visit) is more one of era...both (appear to) have natural, random bunkering whose formalized construction shows late 19th/early 20th century techniques and styles.

I mirror Eric's comments in that it (along with NGLA) may be the best half-par match play venue in the US.  Nowhere will you find its range of yardages and variety, and the hazards and challenges are such that the course does not promote stroke play.  The par of 72 is an even bigger throwaway at Myopia, as most good players will have both a slew of birdies and a slew of bogeys.  I've played it over 50 times as a near-scratch player, and I have broken par only once.
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