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A Tillinghast Reef Hole?

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Kyle Harris:
Perusing the Dallin Collection, I came across this hole at the far corner of one of Tillinghast's erstwhile efforts.

I had not yet heard mention of a Reef Hole being on this particular golf course, though it contains another noted Tillinghast "Template" Par 3, which happens to still exist.

The tee is out of the crop, but it's hole cutting the picture directly in half from the top edge.

Refresh me on what exactly a reef hole is. It seems like 16 at Brook Hollow is one but I am not sure of that since I can't remember what the features are of a Reef hole.

Jaeger Kovich:
Kyle - Looks about right to me. Is there a way to measure the distance or figure out if the slope would kick the balls into the green if the bunkers were carried? What course is it?

Mike - It is a long par-3 with 3 lines of play. 1, direct at the green, and 2 indirect. Of the indirect lines, one should kick the ball into the green if the hazard is taken on, a reward. The other indirect line is a lay-up that puts one in a nice angle for a chip into the green.

I remember reading the explanation of the Reef hole in "the Course Beautiful" and thinking that the par 3 5th at Berkshire Hills was  possibly one.  I don't know if it fits the mold completely but I do think it's close.  A nice strategic design for a one shot hole.

Kyle Harris:
The course is the former course of the Old York Road Country Club in Abington, PA, of which a few greens/holes remain as The Abington Club. Based on Joe Bausch's archives, this hole was the 7th and played 200 yards.

The other template here is the noteworthy Tillinghast "Moat" Hole, which still exists.

I have driven past the tee for this hole a thousand times on my way to and from various jobs/apartments and the hole site is on the present-day athletic fields of the Abington Friends School. I felt compelled to start the thread because I know there are only theoretical mentions of the "Reef-type" concept and some speculation that Tillinghast built one at the present Bethpage Yellow.


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