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More Shrinkage... Not OT
« on: December 09, 2018, 09:43:09 PM »

Courtesy of Robert Vasilak's Blog:

Here’s this month’s accounting of recent course closings:[/size]      – Black Mountain Golf & Country Club, a property outside Las Vegas, Nevada that marketed itself as “a sure bet to make your day unforgettable.” The club had operated since the late 1950s, sometimes with as many as 27 holes.     – Oakhurst Country Club, a 59-year-old venue in Grove City, Ohio with an 18-hole, Jack Kidwell-designed course. In the 1960s, according to the listing agent who recently brokered a potential sale of the property, Oakhurst was “one of the nicest courses in the city and very exclusive.”     – Hickory Ridge Golf Club, a 150-acre spread in Amherst, Massachusetts that might be replaced by a solar farm. “It’s no secret that the golf industry has been contracting,” the course’s owner told the Springfield Republican.     – Stonehenge Golf Club, a 30-year-old venue outside Fort Wayne, Indiana that’s reportedly “no longer a viable business.” The club and its Ron Garl-designed course had been for sale for a year before its owner pulled the plug.     – Refuge Golf Club, an 18-hole, Earl Stone-designed track that’s located in a state park in Gulf Shores, Alabama. In a press statement, the state acknowledged that the course “has been losing money for several years.”     – Glen Lakes Municipal Golf Course, a nine-hole track in suburban Phoenix, Arizona that dates from the mid 1960s. The decision was supposedly “very, very painful” for the city of Glendale, but keeping the Milton Coggins-designed layout open would have required an expenditure of $3.9 million on long overdue repairs and upgrades.     – Willow Springs Golf Course, a “no longer profitable” 18-hole track that’s operated in Haslet, Texas since 1966. Willow Springs’ owner is said to be negotiating to sell his property to a residential developer.[/size]
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