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Matt Day

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Re: RTJ II @ Planet Golf
« Reply #25 on: December 12, 2011, 03:14:07 AM »
I've had the pleasure of playing one of RTJ II's creations for the past twenty five years, and still enjoy it.

Kyle Harris

Re: RTJ II @ Planet Golf
« Reply #26 on: December 12, 2011, 06:08:25 AM »
Garland -

I think you are overstating the case. There may be a handful of instances in a round where the shot of Player A may present Player B with a choice of what shot to play, but, even then, the choice of Player B is dictated primarily by the options and obstacles the course presents and Player B's abilities. 

Suppose Player A has taken an aggressive line off the tee and carried a bunker 250 yards down the fairway, leaving him with a wedge to the green. If Player B does not have the ability to carry that bunker, there is no way he can really respond to the shot his opponent has hit. Player B has to play the hole in the same manner he always does, as dictated by the course, regardless of what his opponent has done.



As I said, you can play both offense and defense. When both players have the ability to carry the bunker, then B is playing defense in his attempt to carry it. If A knows B can't carry it, then A is playing offense, by making the shot.

You probably are not going to try to block Shaq's dunk if you were defending against him, but you might try to steal his dribble.

I didn't know holes were won or lost simply by executing one shot that is more difficult than another.

Mike Sweeney

Re: RTJ II @ Planet Golf
« Reply #27 on: December 12, 2011, 06:13:03 AM »
I find Bobby to be a charming and very interesting man. He has spend much of his life traversing the world and has the ability to converse with most people and especially those who live an international life. It is a complicated discussion why a man with opportunity to build great courses has underachieved. I know a fair amount about his shop over the years, but not nearly enough to answer that question. There are a lot of men who in this site eyes who have underachieved. Yet, they have been professional successes and made very good livings. As Art Hills told me once. I build what my clients ask for. Sometimes I am able to make suggestions that would make the course better and sometimes their needs prevail.


So the return question is how are RTJ III's courses doing financially in comparison to some of the "achievers" courses? I really have no idea, but clearly some "Top 100" designs were built in the last ten years that today probably wish they had a smaller clubhouse and a few less bunkers to maintain.

This site loves C&C and Doak, but clearly they are not at the bottom of the list for courses that are struggling financially.  


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