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Tom Kelly

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Sherwood Forest GC - Tree Removal?
« on: November 09, 2011, 01:03:59 PM »
I haven't played Sherwood for about 5 years now but having just looked at their website it appears they have cleared out alot of Gorse and trees from the holes at the front of the clubhouse since I was last there and I was wondering whether that is the case for the rest of the course?

Does anyone know if they have they adopted a "tree management program" of any sort and if so how recently?

Are there any other courses in the midlands that have tried similar programs?

I am looking for some ammunition to convince my home club to stop planting any more stupid little saplings that don't need to be there and even consider getting rid of some trees to improve the golf course as it is becoming overgrown in places. Every year more trees seem to appear, often in the dreaded rows. Having both Notts and Sherwood the two best courses in the area adopt programs like this would make it a hell of alot easier to convince the guys in charge.


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Re: Sherwood Forest GC - Tree Removal? New
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2011, 06:07:27 PM »

Here are a few pix from 2009.  You tell me if trees have been removed.

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Tom Kelly

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Re: Sherwood Forest GC - Tree Removal?
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2011, 06:46:33 AM »

Thanks for the pics. They have definitely taken alot out near the clubhouse around the 4th hole as there was a mass of gorse between the 4th green and 5th tee which looked fantastic in bloom, but I guess it was getting too big and blocking the great view from the clubhouse. There was also alot more trees inbetween 1, 2, 3 and around the 4th tee which seem to have gone. Other than that though I can't tell if any have been removed elsewhere which seems slightly strange. Whether it was just out of necessity in that area of the course and they haven't bothered on the rest of the course I don't know. I will have to go back and look sometime soon.

I've searched out and had a look at the course tour by Jame Boon a few years back for some more pics and can't believe the Doak 3 ratings.

I can understand people will say the front nine is too easy, but that is only because they will have just walked of the 18th having had to play the back nine......and then I can also understand that 12, 13 and 14 are quite similar, but they are all fantastic holes in their own right in my mind and a great challenge.

Personally I just love the feel of the course, from the open view of the holes near the clubhouse to the secluded nature of each hole out near the turn where you could be a millions miles form anywhere, with a bonus being that it is always in fantastic condition. Finally it has the 7th one of my favourite par 3's anywhere, get a touch of wind about and that long narrow green can play havoc with you on what 'should be' a simple little hole.

I would rate it quite away above Coxmoor and Worksop, on par with Lindrick but the variety of Hollinwell just pips it.

James Boon

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Re: Sherwood Forest GC - Tree Removal?
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2011, 08:17:50 AM »

I have to admit, that the photo tour I posted a couple of years ago was my first trip to Sherwood Forest, so I wasn't aware that they had cleared out plenty of trees and gorse?

I know at Notts that a lot of the tree clearance is related to the heathland restoration, rather than any architectural merit in returning the course to its original state, but then the two do go hand in hand on the heathland courses, think Walton Heath?

I also know, that virtually all long standing members I've talked to really don't like the tree clearance and would rather the tree lined holes that they have lost. This could well be that when they joined many years ago it was already tree lined and so that how they have always known it, rather than any great misunderstanding of the architectural, historical or ecological merits of tree clearance?

Good look with convincing everyone at your place to stop planting trees!


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Tom Kelly

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Re: Sherwood Forest GC - Tree Removal?
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2011, 01:23:24 PM »

I agree that most golfers in the UK seem to like there trees as has been discussed on the restoration thread and I am not completely for cutting everything back, but it seems alot of places are still in the mindset of the 60's or 70's when planting was all the rage and they seem to have gone miles over the top to the detriment of many courses. You just have to look at numerous modern courses with their horrendous plantations, trying to immediately gain tree line holes as that is what the punter expects of a good golf course.

I think what has been done at Notts is great and not just the areas that aren't in play but the removal of non-native species elsewhere on the course and the few encroaching trees that there were can only be good for the course and wildlife in the long run.

I think I will need all the help I can get in convincing my club to stop the planting. We have lost a number of large specimens due to lightning strikes, rot and pure old age over the last few years and it seems the clubs response to this is just to plant a load of saplings in a similar position which don't provide anything like the strategic effect the original trees had. There are two holes in particular which have really suffered in my opinion. I am sure the money could have been better spent on a few real specimens to replace the old ones once they have matured in 20 odd years with perhaps other hazards, maybe bunkers being introduced in the short term whilst the trees mature. It is not ideal but unfortunately I don't know of an instant solution. I am not asking for much, the course is never going to be a world beater, but I feel there is far more potential than it is currently showing mainly due to poor mangement like this planting scheme.

There is a meeting walking the course with the green committee in a few days, so I will try to go along and ask some probing/awkward questions and see if I can put my point of view across, though I doubt they will listen to me as most still think of me as the little 12 year old kid with the silky swing who never misses a times have changed!

Sorry for the essay and rant!

Tom Kelly

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Re: Sherwood Forest GC - Tree Removal?
« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2011, 01:26:39 PM »
Back onto Sherwood,

The only pic I could find of the course with the trees and gorse was on the old course planner I have, which although aren't great give you an idea of what it was like before.

And the 4th hole plan, shows trees and gorse well forward of the front tee shown in Sean's pic, so trees have obviously been cleared there as well as behind the green.


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