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Bill Shamleffer:
In the US Open preview issue of Golf Digest, Dave Kindred has an article titled: "From Jackie To JFK".  In this article he mentions that while JFK was President; at the Glen Ora estate in Middleburg, Jackie arranged for a home made 4-hole golf course in the "pasture" on the estate.  The article mentions that it was big enough to hit drivers, that the grass was cut down to 4", but that in each of the four corners the grass was cut to 2" for greens and tees.  It also says that the holes were hand dug, and that it was just chipping to the holes, no putting.

Being only 46 years-old, I never even heard of Glen Ora estate.  In some quick research, I discovered that JFK leased this estate for Jackie's horse riding interest, while the built their own home elsewhere in Middleburg, VA (later known as Wexford).  I found the estate on Google & Bing.  From what I have read so far, Middleburg was for Jackie (and is where she stayed when JFK was at his New York birthday party when Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to him.  

(Interestingly the road on the estate is now called Green Peace Lane.  In other research, I found that in 1996 the then current owner (and possibly still owner) hosted a significant Green Party event at the estate, and that the estate has also hosted a human rights seminar in 1999.  This probably explains the name of the road into the estate.  Also, the home the Kennedy's eventually built in Middleburg, known as Wexford, was later used by the Reagans during his Presidency.  Jackie had already sold the Wexford home long before 1980.)

But back to the golf course.  Does anyone have any other knowledge of this pasture golf course played on by JFK (and per the Gold Digest article, Ben Bradlee and the pro from Hyannisport Club at that time - Tom Niblet)?

I did not find any pictures of JFK playing golf at that estate.  Not surprising based on what I have read about him not wanting to be seen golfing.  Although, I would think that there must have been some pictures taken by the family that showed some golf there.  Perhaps someone on this site has come across a photo of this little home made golf course.

[This is strictly on interest in the golf course.  I have no interest in having this topic turned into any type of political discussion from any side; or even into any discussion about the morals, politics, behavior, ethics, etc. on any members of the Kennedy family.  If this topic strays from golf, I reserve the right to request that this topic be removed in full.]


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