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Dan Herrmann

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ANGC at home (the new TW PGA Tour game)
« on: March 30, 2011, 07:50:37 PM »
Picked up the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf video game (XBOX360 version) yesterday.  Color me impressed by the rendition of Augusta.  Everything from green contours to bunker depth is there, and it's fun.  Honestly, I never realized just how difficult the course was till I was able to play virtually.

You can tell where the architecture is great and where it - lacks.  For example, #7 is way too long, and #13 plays just right.

Next up, I'm going to play it as a 10 handicapper and see if I can break 90 (I doubt it).

If you're into simulations, I think you'll like it.   The XBOX disk also has AGNC's par 3 course, Whistling Straits, TPC Sawgrass, TOC, and others.  I wish they had Pacific Dunes again (it was there a couple of years ago).

Scott Warren

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Re: ANGC at home (the new TW PGA Tour game)
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2011, 07:57:21 PM »
I always wished I could manually set my players ability, distances, shape etc to my own in previous TW incarnations.

Going by your second-last paragraph I am assuming that is a feature of this version?

Criss Titschinger

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Re: ANGC at home (the new TW PGA Tour game)
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2011, 11:09:59 AM »
There are a few courses I wish they would add back in, like Pac Dunes and Kiawah Ocean. I'm guessing the later will be back in next year b/c of the PGA.

I got the PS3 version. Liking it so far. Only played Augusta (Par 3 and Regulation course), and a scattering of other holes (18 Harbour Town, 16-18 Sawgrass). Can't wait to play Royal Melbourne.

There's plenty of good downloadable courses, like Pinehurst No. 2 (not sure if pre- or post-restoration), Riviera, and Hazeltine to name a few.

I'd love to see the Walker Cup get added in 2013 to play virtual NGLA. Not going to happen though.


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