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Jaeger Kovich

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Re: Alister MacKenzie Quote
« Reply #25 on: January 04, 2011, 12:56:23 PM »
"Everyone knows how fatal the imagination is in playing the game." The Spirit of St. Andrews p. 14


"In any case the possession of a vivid imagination, which is an absolute essential in obtaining success (as an architect), may prevent him attaining a position among the higher ranks of players. Everyone knows how fatal the imagination is in playing the game. Let the fear of socketing (shanking) once enter your head and you promptly socket every shot afterwards." The Spirit of St. Andrews p. 14

Could it be as simple as the reality that on any shot, for any golfer, the areas you don't want to end up outnumber the area you do by several multiples usually?

In other words, even a basic pitching wedge from the fairway carries expectations and an active mind will always consider the alternatives to that goal...which in golf, are a disappointment.

Obviously there is only one ultimate goal in golf, get it in the hole. Its how we deal with disappointment all but 18 times, that will in turn dictate how/why we make the choices that we do, to get to the only 18 truly perfect shots we hit all day. Some of us simply can handle the news better and opt to take the more interesting way!


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