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Rye Country Club in Rye, NY is an Emmet course. Several newspaper articles back up the club's info that's posted on their website.  

Tom MacWood:

--- Quote from: Jim_Kennedy on November 27, 2010, 04:08:04 PM ---       Emmet's obituary states the he designed 160 golf courses. Here's the list so far, and it includes the courses from C&W.
      Only 73 71  70 more to go.  :o
       Antler’s Golf Club – Fort Jefferson, NY    
       Battle Island GC – Oswego NY -done over by RTJsr.
       Belmont Hills Country Club - Private in St Clairsville
       Belmont Manor - Bermuda
       Belle Terre – Port Jefferson NY (possibly known as Port Jefferson GC)
    * Blue at Congressional Country Club - Private in Bethesda
    * Blue/Green at Hartford Golf Club - Private in West Hartford
    * Bonnie Briar Country Club - Private in Larchmont
       Broadmoor Country Club -  New Rochelle, NY –NLE
       Cape Cod CC – Hatchville, Ma.
    * Capital Hills at Albany in Albany
       Castle Inn GC - Bermuda - NLE
       Cherry Valley Club, Garden City, NY
       Congressional CC – Bethesda, MD.
       Coonamessett GC - N. Falmouth, Ma ( orig. 9 - now Clauson's Inn)
       Cooper River Country Club -  NJ - NLE
       Country Club of Farmington -  Farmington, CT  
    * Dudley Hill Golf Club in Dudley
    * East at Mohawk Golf Club - Private in Schenectady
       Edison CC, Rexford , NY
       East Meadow "Red"  -Garden City, NY
    * Garden City Golf Club - Private in Garden City
    * Glen Head Country Club - Private in Glen Head
       GlenWood CC - Farmingdale, NY
    * Gold at Congressional Country Club - Private in Bethesda
       Grassy Sprain GC - Yonkers, NY - NLE
       Great Neck G&CC – Great Neck, LI - NLE
    * Green/Red at Hartford Golf Club - Private in West Hartford
    * Greenacres Country Club - Private in Lawrenceville
       Green Hill Yacht & CC – Quantico Md.
    * Hampshire Country Club - Private in Mamaroneck
       Harrison-Williams Estate course...9 holes, NLE, Bayville, New York
       Henry F. DuPont Private Course  - DE – NLE
       Hillcrest GC- Queens, NY - NLE  
       Hob Nob Hill- Salisbury, Ct –estate course for I.K. Fulton –NLE
       Hog Back Mountain Course -  NC – NLE?
       Hotel Frascate GC - Bermuda - NLE
    * Huntington Country Club - Private in Huntington
    * Huntington Crescent Club - Private in Huntington
       Immergrun GC- Loretto, Pa. – (quite possibly a Donald Ross course)
       Iroquois Golf Club- Niskayuna, NY- NLE
       Island Golf Links - Garden City, NY (
    * Keney Park Golf Club - Public in Hartford
       Lawrence GC- Lawrence, NY – NLE?
       Leewood GC – Scarsdale, NY –NLE?
       Lenox Hill Club. Farmingdale, LI  -1923 (Bethpage "Green" course)
       Leatherstocking GC, Cooperstown -1909  
    * Mahopac Golf Club - Private in Mahopac
       Manchester (Ct.) CC (1917 Public) - Bendelow/Emmet
       Manhasset CC - Manhasset, NY - NLE
       Mayflower Golf Course -  Tonawanda, NY - NLE
    * McGregor Links Country Club in Saratoga Springs
       Meadow Brook Club -  Westbury, NY
    * Mechanicville Golf Club - Semi-Private in Mechanicville
       Mowhak CC - Schenectady, NY
    * Nassau Country Club - Private in Glen Cove LI
       Nassau Golf Club – Nassau, Bahamas –NLE
       Northport CC - Northport, NY - NLE
      Old Country Club / Flushing Country Club (Flushing, LI, NY) –NLE?
    * Pelham Country Club - Private in Pelham Manor
       Pomonok CC - Flushing, NY
    * Powelton Club, The - Private in Newburgh
       Queensboro Links - Astoria, NY - NLE
       Queen's Valley Golf Club – Kew Gardens Hills, NY – NLE
    * Radisson Cable Beach & Golf Resort in Bahamas
    * Red/Blue at Hartford Golf Club - Private in West Hartford
    * Riddell's Bay Golf and Country Club in Bermuda
    * Ridgewood Country Club - Private in Danbury
    * Rockaway River Country Club - Private in Denville
    * Rockville Links Club - Private in Rockville Centre
       Rockwood Hall CC – Tarrytown, NY - NLE
    * Rye Golf Club - Private in Rye
       Salisbury CC – Nassau County, NY (Eisenhower Park “Red” Course)
       Schalren Country Club- Mohawk View, NY (built for the Masonic Order)- NLE
       Schenectady CC - Schenectady, NY
    * Schuyler Meadows Club - Private in Loudonville
    * Seawane Club, The - Private in Hewlett Harbor
       Sherrewogue – St. James, LI – NLE (Emmet’s 6-hole personal estate course_  
       South Shore GC – Staten Island. NY
    * St. George's Golf & Country Club in East Setauket
       St. George Hotel Golf Course -  St George, Bermuda
       St Lawrence University GC, -done over by RTJsr
       St. Mary's Country Club - Private in Saint Marys
       St. Regis GC – St. Regis, NY ( possible )
       Vanderbilt Estate Golf Course - LI. NY - NLE
       Vernon Hills Country Club – NY  -NLE
    * Wee Burn Country Club - Private in Darien
       Westchester Women’s G&TC – Bedrofd, NY –NLE  (also known as Bedford G&TC)
       Wheatley Hills GC, Nassau County, NY
    * Wheeling Country Club - Private in Wheeling

--- End quote ---

Are you sure you copied all the courses from C&W? Just from a quick look it appears you are missing several, for example Laurelton (36 holes) and Cable Beach. There was a course in Cuba he designed too. You've also got Congressional listed 3 times. Emmet only designed an 18-hole course there. You might also consider separating designs from redesigns at some point.

From what I understand Harbor Hills was built at the site of the former Belle Terre. I'm not sure who designed Harbor Hills - I think it is a relatively modern golf course. There was public course adjacent to Belle Terre where my father was the head greenkeeper for a couple of summers. I believe Alex Findlay was the golf architect of that course.

Tom MacWood:

--- Quote from: TEPaul on November 25, 2010, 07:10:04 PM ---"TEPaul,
I've never looked at the manifests, but I know that Emmet traveled abroad (England and Ireland, at least) multiple times around the turn of the century."

David Moriarty:

So do I and it was apparently pretty much annually with Emmet. Many today and many on here do not really seem to understand or appreciate how much some of those people from Emmet's crowd went abroad, or why or for how long.

But it is not all that hard to figure out or find out and the reasons why.  

Actually, Devereux Emmet's Irish heritage and his first name is really interesting and telling. There was a group of French aristocrats who hied on into southeast Ireland and settled there many generations ago for some damn reason. One of them was the Devereuxs. My mother's great friend, Antelo Devereux's family was one of them. Antelo had about a 5,000 acre plantation in South Carolina that had been in the family for generations----hunting and all that; massive packs of hunting dogs and such----eg Devereux Emmet's pastime of training hunting dogs in South Carolina and transporting them annually to Ireland and selling them.

I bet the people crossing the Atlantic with Devie and his pack of hunting hounds got a lot of sleep, huh? Have you ever heard a pack of hunting hounds at full bay? It's otherworldly!  ;)

The Radnor Hunt is about a half mile from my farm here.  

--- End quote ---

Emmet's great uncle was the Irish rebel Robert Emmet. He and his brother Thomas Emmet (Devereux's great grandfather) plotted with Napoleon in Paris when the latter was planning an invasion of England. When he returned to Ireland Robt Emmet put in motion an armed uprising which included the murder of Lord Kilwarden. Emmet was tried for treason and hanged in 1803. Thomas Emmet migrated to America following his execution and eventually became NY Attorney General.

Normally when you see an odd name like Devereux it has something to do with the mother, or her maiden name, but Emmet's mother's name was Pierson, so perhaps it does go back to the family's dealings in France.

I didn't see Cable Beach in C&W. Laurelton might be hard to find in C&W as it only shows up in the list of courses at the back of the book, it's not listed in Emmet's profile.
The courses with an * next to their name are from the World Golf list posted earlier by Mike and I just copied it verbatim. I see what you mean about Congressional, they have it listed 3 times.

I believe that Harbor Hills, Belle Terre and Port Jefferson CC are the same course. The PJCC website says they've had numerous name changes and several architects over their 100+ years.   Willie Tucker did work there in 1912.

"Normally when you see an odd name like Devereux it has something to do with the mother, or her maiden name, but Emmet's mother's name was Pierson, so perhaps it does go back to the family's dealings in France."

I'm not sure I would call the name Devereux an odd name; it's just French, even if some may think everything French is a bit odd anyway. ;)

But a name like Devereux Emmet does sound sort of odd since it is clearly of two distinct national heritages. Emmet's first name may go back to his mother's mother, or her mother's mother. Some historians often don't pay enough attention to the so-called "distaff side" (female side) as opposed to the "spear side" (male side) and the various significances of it, particularly in some national heritages.

It is not that unusual in certain national cultures and heritages for the family to take on and maintain as their surname a combination of the husband and wife, generally as a hyphenated surname, and particularly in the royal or aristocratic class (particularly Mid-European and Russian aristocratic heritages). I don't know it for sure but it is probably the result of various historic ramifications to do with inheritance and estates and so forth and so on.

I have only one full sibling---a sister. But I also have a half brother who is also my second cousin (his mother and my mother were cousins with the maiden surname of Clark). My half brother is about ten years older than me and about ten years ago he did something with his name I have never really heard of before. His real name was James W. Paul; his mother's maiden name was Hortense Clark. About ten years ago he decided to formally changed his name to James W. Paul Clark. When I asked him why he did that he said that he felt his surname had honored his father's name for sixty years and he felt like from now on his surname should also honor his mother's maiden name! 


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