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I see you beat me to the photo! Here's some more information on Hillcrest.

From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle of 10/1/1922:

From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle of 4/29/1923:

From the New York Times of 2/3/1928 announcing its sale to Irving Stringer. There is a good chance that Stringer hired Tilly to redesign the course at this time. He had a relationship with him and the article refers to the course as about to be redone. We are researching it right now and when I know more I'll pass it along:


From the New York Times 4/10/1936. As Jim stated the course was lept open into the 1950s when St. Johns found a "better use" for the land:

Irving Stringer was the pro at places like Ocean club, St. Andrews, NGLA, plus he had an indoor golf school.

Guy got around.

There was a Briar Hall CC in Briarcliff Manor, Ny that shows an Emmet remodel (no date) with a Tillinghast remodel in 1936.

The course was sold to The Donald and is now Trump National GC.

Adam Jessie:
Mr. Kennedy,

I see that Harbor Hills (aka Port Jefferson CC) is missing there is not much Emmet left there but was another design that was orginally done by him.


Jim and Mark,

As we know, there are a number of courses that Tilly redesigned that were original Emmett designs. I think it only fitting then that the Huntingtom Crescent Club was built on the site where Tilly's original Lilliputt Links private course on the Rainey estate once stood!


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