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Kyle Harris

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Well this creates an existential crisis.

I thought by adding some more vulgar/profane/course language I was being a rebel, but it turns out not doing that is being the rebel.

Shit.  ;D

Also, no love for Eric Iverson or Dandy Don Placek!?

Constantly blamed by 8-handicaps for their 7 missed 12-footers each round.

Thank you for changing the font of your posts. It makes them easier to scroll past.

Tim Martin

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I was treated to a “Cliff Claven” last week that reminded me of this thread. Local flora and fauna references are usually well rehearsed, unprovoked and can illicit a range of responses. A dissertation about the Monarch butterfly being attracted to various forms of milkweed and the occasional benefit of wildflower borders versus fescue was the main event. The strangest part of the interaction was the feeling of deja vu.
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