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Who was Norman MacBeth?

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Tom MacWood:
Who was he and is he someone worth digging into?

Tom MacWood:
I found this in British Golf Illustrated. I assume these are the same Norman MacBeth and HJ Whigham that later delved into golf architecture.

Charlie Goerges:
Macbeth designed some courses in southern California. I can't remember which ones off the top of my head.

Jon Spaulding:
LACC member, owner of what ultimately became Riverside Cement (now TXI), believe he also won the SCGA Amateur. An early import from across the pond.

Wilshire CC and Midwick (pre Bell) are a couple of his highlight courses. The former is quite good, I posted some photos on it a few years ago on this site. It has the highest quirk rating in CA, but has recently been redone. Playing there in 2 weeks and will update my old thread as time permits. The latter is NLE but looks beyond solid in old photos.

Tom, to really answer the queston, contact the Emporer. You'll get too much OT fuzz or boobs looking for access to Wilshire on this site if you're looking for solid info.

Peter Pallotta:
For some reason, Tom , I had occasion quite a while ago to look him up. Good golfer - winning in America the early 1910s and stlill when in the 1920s. I have only ever read about his design of Wilshire - but in the arcticle I read the course/design was praised highly for using the land to great advantage and hiding the hand of man.



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