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Ran states that in his review of Winged Foot West, adding that you cant complain about an indifferent hole there as well...

he wrote that in 1999, stating that is true of WFW and about a dozen or so other courses...

do you agree with that assessment of WFW?

what other courses mmight Ran have been referring to?

what courses , if any, built since 1999 could be added to that list?
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Re: "could not even begin to suggest architectural improvements"
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2010, 01:48:54 PM »

I don't know what other courses Ran Morrissett was referring to where one can't find an indifferent hole on them but I do want to say something about Ran Morrissett himself and his golf architecture eye and analytical ability.

I think he is without question one of a handful of the best I've ever seen at golf architecture analysis and reviewng. Others I've known over the years I would put in that category are Doak, Shackelford, Kye Goalby. With all of them it's as if both their eye and analysis just gravitates to what is fundamentally important and also with all of them one gets the feeling their ideas and opinions are uniquely their own from their own minds and never something they heard or learned from others and basically just reguritated or re-ran opinion-wise.

I think I'm correct in saying that may be some result of a Morrissett family habit or tradition. As some families may generally and frequently discuss and debate sports or religion or music or philosophy or whatever as a family habit when together (like at the dinner table), with the Morrissett family it was always golf course architecture and its analysis, discussion and debate.

Nevertheless, as good as Ran Morrissett is at it, and as interesting as it is walking around various courses with him talking these things over---he may even be genius-like at it---there have been occasional instances where it is almost like he gets sucked into a momentary black-hole of total vacuity! This happened once at Pacific Dunes and again at Sand Hills. It was so horrifying, disgusting and disappointed I almost grabbed a 2 iron to chase him around the hole or part of the hole in question to slap him upside the head with it in the hopes that I might snap him out of this remarkable lapse.

Actually, at Sand Hills it did occur to me he may've said what he did on one hole simply to be facetious and get an instant rise out of me but at Pacific Dunes I suspected none of that. It was truly horrifying.

If I think of others I've known who are in this class and category, other than those mentioned above, I will list them for you. But for now the only other one I can think of who deserves to be in that class and category for an extraordinary golf architectural eye and genius-like analytical ability would of course be me! ;)

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Re: "could not even begin to suggest architectural improvements"
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2010, 04:36:23 PM »
I'm sure the dozen other courses he was refering to have to be the Trump collection of courses. They truly have to be 'The best in the world'. ;D ;D ;D


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