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Re: The Minikahda Club, Ross restoration
« Reply #25 on: May 20, 2003, 02:02:36 AM »
I should also say that from my somewhat short but interesting experiences with a couple of restoration architects--particularly Ron Prichard and Gil Hanse that when some things involving real historical architectural accuracy--things such as the details of some bunkering or other hazard features, such as berms, mounds, top shot bunkering, funky looking bunkering placements and whatnot (all of which may have been removed over time) those two architects in almost all cases will want to put it back as it once was.

When it doesn't happen in many restoration projects, in almost all cases, it really isn't for the lack of architects like Ron Prichard and Gil Hanse trying to get the clubs to do it. My own course's restoration was such a case. There was a whole series of top shot bunkers that were wiped away in the 1940s that Gil was dying to restore--if for nothing other than they were once there and they are sort of cool in how unusual they were---architecture of a certain era, if you will, that became unpopular and perceived as unnecessary for various reasons. There was also a really wild high berm and a large bunker in the base of a quarry Gil wanted to restore.

But the club wouldn't let him do those things. They didn't see the necessity in today's game and they didn't want to pay for things they thought weren't necessary.

Gil was disappointed--many of us were--the superintendent was disappointed--but what are you going to do? The project has to go on anyway and I'm glad it did. I'm particularly glad the project went on with Hanse. If he'd walked it would have been sad. But the failure to do certain things that some might lay at Gil's feet someday shouldn't be put there at all. He tried, but an architect can only go so far in the decision making process. Same thing with Ron Prichard.

But with those top shot bunkers at GMGC that some of us wanted to see restored that my club wouldn't go for at Aronimink they did restore theirs. Where Ross originally called for some of them at Aronimink many decades ago--they're back now.

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