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Wisconsin's Westmoor undergoes dramatic renovation -- WWWLT?

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Phil McDade:

Thanks for the update on what looks like a big project, and one that probably took some work with the membership to accomplish. There is something of a Langford cult here on the Discussion Board -- many of its prominent members have weighed in on this thread -- and that's what caught my eye about the original newspaper article. Is the par 3 that RJ Daley references -- is that the same one I look upon with envy from the interstate (at the intersection of I-94 and Moorland)?

Good luck with the rest of the project; sounds like one of the more interesting renovation projects in Wisconsin golf of late.

Bryan Bergner:

The green you see from I-94 is the par 3 5th hole.  This was also tweaked by Lohmann.


Chipping and putting greens.

Dan Moore:

Thank you for the report and welcome to the site.  Great to have another perspective from a Langford course.  

Everyone should look at Bryan's website.  Some great stuff on a renovation project from the inside.  

I recall seeing some photos of Westmoor a few years ago and there was one long slightly uphill par 3 that definitely had the L/M stamp on it.  

Look forward to hearing more about Langford at Westmoor.  Do you any plans, photos from the time he did the work there in the 1950's.  

Bryan Bergner:

Thanks for the comments on the website.  It's been a great way for me to communicate with the membership during the project.

I have not seen any of Langfords plans for hole 4-8.  I will see if I can track some down. 


Jeff Shelman:
I drove past here on Friday and thanks to slow traffic on 94, I got to "see" the work here.

I was shocked at how open it looked from the interstate. The tree removal looks good and the bunker work that can be seen from the road looks very cool.

I used to frequently stay at the hotel across the street, so I had driven past the place a bunch of times.


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