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Wisconsin's Westmoor undergoes dramatic renovation -- WWWLT?

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Phil McDade:
A fairly well-written, detailed article on extensive renovations at Westmoor CC in suburban Milwaukee, which flies a bit below the radar of the top-tier Milwaukee-area privates:

The article describes some interesting decisions made in the renovation -- flattening some dramatic green slopes, but also cutting down a bunch of trees, and renovating much of the course in the style of William Langford, who did work on the course.

I haven't played, but drive past the course at least 20 times a year. Anyone on the board played it? (I'm thinking of a few specific individuals...)

Mike McGuire:
Phil -

Played Westmoor a dozen times or more. It was a solid course that hosted a state open recently. Langford redid a few holes in the 50's but I believe the work was dozed.

I toured the course last fall with the assistant super who seeded the greens. They grew in excellent.

The work done at Westmoor is very impressive. Tree removal - new tees , bunkers and greens make it a much better course. A few members who were very much against it changed their minds after witnessing the work.

The only negative is you can see more of the busy roads bordering the west and south. Trees that used to block the view were replaced by berms that don't get as high. Interesting they got an incredible amount of free fill (and a dozer operator) from the construction of a nearby interstate exchange.

I am looking forward to playing it this year.

Scott Witter:
The article clearly states that Lohman Designs did the design work.

We have plenty and I mean plenty of poa in all of the greens in western NY and across the state for that matter and many of the classic courses by Ross, Travis, etc., have some steep and slippery slopes--none of them have felt it necessery to ease the slopes or rebuild their greens. 


--- Quote ---"We sort of grasped onto the William Langford spirit," Quitno said. "The big plateau greens, like at Lawsonia, the deep bunkers. So that was the style we implemented. We added features around the greens, chipping hollows. We extended the bent-grass fringes. It encourages creativeness around the greens."
--- End quote ---

Has Lohmann Designs started channeling ODGs or was this a unique effort?  Has anyone seen any other Lohmann Designs work lately?  I ask because my impressions were that Bob Lohmann wasn't too particularly into remodelling or original designs that paid too much attention to ODG styles or methods.  If he and his associate Quitno have changed to this more nostalgic look back at classic styling, I wonder if it shows a certain influence of discussions and wider awareness of the old classics.

Mike McGuire:
I noticed a few greens where the walk off is bent grass all the way to the tee.  A nice touch.


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