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Steve_ Shaffer

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A 5 hole golf course?
« on: May 02, 2007, 08:46:57 AM »
This is the result when there's not enough land to build another 9. It's good for beginners or for those who want a quick practice game. Here's the story from

What started out as a nine-hole addition project at Hinckley Hills Golf Course in Hinckley, Ohio, ended up as a way to draw nontraditional golfers to the game. Instead of nine holes there are five, and a course was born for beginners, youngsters or those who simply don’t have time to play nine or 18 holes.

The project began eight years ago, according to golf course superintendent Jean Esposito. Her family owns the 18-hole, Harold Paddock, Sr.-designed course, which is in a rural area south of Cleveland. It wanted to add nine holes but encountered problems securing the amount of land necessary for that size addition. This is when it began to think of alternatives.

Five years later, after five new holes were completed (three on the back side first, then two more on the front side), they were integrated into the existing course and a cluster of five par-4 holes were made into The Buzzard’s Nest, named after the bird of prey the course adopted as a mascot because of its yearly visits to the area.

“We hope it’s a great way for less experienced golfers to start, no matter what the age is,” Esposito says. “We thought five would be just enough.”

Here's the rest of the story:
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Jon Wiggett

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Re:A 5 hole golf course?
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2007, 10:29:19 AM »

this is something I have also thought about now and again. I personally like it when occasionally a new project breaks out of the mould and does something different, its very refreshing. I asked in an earlier thread if people would accept non 9 or 18 hole courses. The general consensus was that it would not. I must admit that regretfully I also had to agree with this opinion but I think because it is attatched to a standard 18 hole course that this 5 hole course will used and liked if the quality of the holes are okay.

Russ Miller

Re:A 5 hole golf course?
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2007, 11:10:33 AM »
The course that I grew up playing (Hillview CC in Franklin, IN) did not have any extra holes like discussed for the course in Hinckley, but the course was set such that you could play a three-hole loop (1, 16 and 6) and return to the clubhouse or a six-hole loop (1-6) and return to the clubhouse.  The three-hole and six-hole loop were used in the junior program for younger kids that didn't have the attention span for 9 or 18.  It was a great way to learn golf.  In fact, yours truly won  the 6-hole club championship at the tender age of 8 (sadly, this was the peak of my tournament golfing career).  

This is all to say that for me as a junior, being able to play less than 9 was great.  And even when I got older it was great to be able to squeeze in an extra 3 or 6 holes in the evening.    



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