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--- Quote from: Eric Franzen on November 20, 2006, 03:58:01 PM ---Thanks Ryan!

On a completely different note...

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Tacky, tacky, tachy.  Oh and did I mention tacky.

Understated, unobtrusive plaques that honor true historic moments are fine.  Others make the course look like a graveyard.

Jon Wiggett:
In the bushes on the right of the old 15th now the 16th at Royal Birkdale there is a plaque remembering Arnold Palmers amazing recovery from said bush during the Open Championship.

Seth Berliner:

--- Quote from: Bob Jenkins on November 20, 2006, 07:36:15 PM ---
I recall two at Cherry Hills. On the first tee there is a plaque mentioning Arnie's drive to the green in the last round of the 1960 Open.

Also on the back side, I think  on 14, there was a plaque saying something to the effect it was one of Ben Hogan's favourite holes.

Finally near the 4th tee at Bandon Dunes is a plaque praising the virtues of that fine hole.

Bob Jenkins

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The plaque on the 14th at Cherry Hills is an old plaque that refers to the hole being listed as one of Sports Illustrated's top 18 holes in America.

Bill Shamleffer:
Since it appears per these postings that the leaders in the clubhouse for most plaques are Jones, Hogan, and Palmer, I have to pass along one of my favorite Palmer stories.

I am remembering this story off the top of my head.  Palmer was in a practice round for The Open in the 1980s when a sportswriter came across Palmer and asked him if he knew where his plaque was located on that hole.  The two then began to search in the rough for Palmer's plaque.  Finally, Palmer shouted over to Tip - who had not moved to assist the search asking where the plaque was located.  Tip stated that it was about 120 miles away (not sure per the distance stated).  It appears they were not at Birkdale.  Supposedly Palmer just looked at the writer and kind of shrugged as if to say, How can I keep track of where all of my plaques are located.  :)


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