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Copt Heath-Minor Colt Course
« on: November 21, 2002, 11:45:08 AM »

Another lesser known Colt course in the English Midlands.  Harry Vardon designed the original course and this was heavily redesigned by Colt who was responsible for the heavy use of bunkers.  The course looks a bit "vertically challenged" and so I think Colt added all these bunkers to spice things up a bit.  Like many of Colt's current parkland courses (as we saw with Edgbaston) the bunker edges are sharp and the sand flashed up.  I think that some of the shape and size of these bunkers may have been lost over the years, but overall the course is well preserved.

Looks like the trees need to be cut back and there's absolutely no sign of a "heath", apart from the odd gorse bush.

On the plus side, it looks like it plays nice and fast (a brownish sheen in some places) and the fairway bunkers are true fairway bunkers i.e. surrounded by fairway!  

Hopefully I'll check it out one day.  

Like the Edgbaston thread, these photos are nicked from the Warwickshire Golf Union website, I'm sure they don't mind!

1st Fairway Bunkers

2nd Fairway Bunkers

3rd Green Complex

4th Fairway Bunkers

4th Green Complex


6th Approach

7th Fairway Bunkers

7th Approach

8th Fairway Bunkers

Further back


11th bunkers short of green

12th Cross Bunkers

13th Green

14th Green Complex

14th-showing severe slope

15th Staggered Bunkers

17th Approach

Bank behind 17th green

Bunkers at 18th

Other side

From behind 18th.

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Re: Copt Heath-Minor Colt Course
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2002, 05:03:51 AM »

thanks for tracking down these photos for us.  really interesting.

Pity about the lack of heath, i hate think how many courses we have in GB that through unknowledgable management have lost their original habitat.

The thing that immiediatly hit me was a number of immature trees conspicuously placed (esp. No.2 fairway).  All the classic signs of Greens Commitee wanting to leave their own special mark on their beloved course!

Reminds me of West Surrey GC in many ways

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