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Re: cover photos for Flynn book
« Reply #75 on: December 01, 2002, 12:48:23 PM »
Thank you, everyone for your input on the Flynn book.  We are writing and conducting the ongoing research.  As of late, Mr. John Hoover, the historian for the Cascades resort has been exceptionally helpful.  They apparently have some archival materials and some Flynn drawings that we need to study and determine if they were an earlier iteration, a later one, or copies of our original materials.  I hope that Tom and I can spend a weekend there in the spring to follow up the research.  Flynn did redesign work on the Homestead Course as well as designing and building the Cascades Course.  We will determine what was done and when in following our discovery process.  

Mr. Hoover did say that two name architects (one of whom was AWT) said that a good golf course could not be built on the Rubino property which is the site of the present Cascades course.  Clearly Flynn saw something they did not and proved that a great course could be built on the property albeit with a great deal of masterful engineering and construction.  This will make a very interesting chapter and example of the skills of Flynn and his team.  Tom and I are getting closer to an understanding of the method by which the Flynn (and for a time Toomey) and his team worked and it is an interesting company structure.

Toomey remains an illusive character.  If anyone has information on the man and his work, please pass it along to either myself or Tom Paul.

The more we learn about Indian Creek (a man-made island that was built up to 2 feet by the Army Corps of Engineers) the more impressed we are especially the resulting ground contours, green sites, and bunkering.  Given that everything here was literally built from the ground up to 33 feet or so, we have a unique look at what Flynn wanted and could do to create topography on a site where natural features were absent.  Kittansett is a different example of how to rout and create hole designs on flat ground utilizing hazard and green buildups yet without the comprehensive and dramatic build-ups that Flynn created at IC.

Tim DeBaufre,
Looking forward to seeing those pictures you mentioned and getting you, BKittleman, TMcKenzie, PTrenham, etc together.  Hope you are having a nice holiday season.

Tim Weiman,
Although I did not get a chance to visit the 3 Cleveland area courses this fall with Tom Paul, he had great things to say about the Country Club.  I have seen some circa 1935 pictures of the 17th and it looks marvelous with a tremendous green site.  15 looks awfully special as well.

I appreciated your comments, they demonstrate that you have good insights into Flynn and what he was trying to do at The Cascades and elsewhere.  He gets into your head in subtle ways through the challenges presented throughout the course.  One example, as you said, is his greens that look benign but there are subtleties in contours and slope that create very difficult reads and putts.  Combined with his routing, use of topography, hazards, and green surrounds, you are constantly tested throughout the round using every club, requiring constant thinking about options and strategy, and need to make specific shot demands, especially on the championship courses.

Keep the book ideas coming!
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