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Re: Why do we have to play 18 holes?
« Reply #25 on: November 30, 2002, 11:14:14 AM »
Our course is laid out with two loops, a clockwise circle of three holes,#'s 1,8,9, and a c.clockwise circle of #7 then 2,3, 4 and 5, with #6 ending across the street from the golf shack. Lots of 3 and 6 hole rounds are played by the members because of the layout. They can play combinations of 123, 789, 123456, 189789, 723456 or 789189. Flexibility is really important, as you say.

As for marrying costs to time, the only course I have seen where this works is one very close to my location. Nearly alll of this course is visible from the top of a hill, hole#1, so it's easy to find an open place to start. Once again, the layout makes it possible to see where you can jump around to an open hole. The owner has a few customers, mainly singles whom he charges by the hour. I really believe it's possible at courses like this that have many holes visible from others, will let you jump around and that are not booked soild. The other condition where it may work is as a "premium" to attract early or late players.

The partial round/ flexible price won't appeal to many operators.  I do it occasionally with a couple of guys who play on their lunch hour. They pay for nine up front and play a 3 hole loop  three times during their work week.  
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Re: Why do we have to play 18 holes?
« Reply #26 on: December 02, 2002, 07:58:07 AM »

I play less than 18 all the time... 9 holes after work is a fairly frequent diversion for me, and the beloved home course Santa Teresa has #14 come back fairly close to the clubhouse, so stretching that to 14 holes has happened a bit as well.  Lots of people do this, it's no big deal.

One can post 9 hole scores, btw... and yes, you can extrapolate anything over 13 holes to be a full 18 hole score, by taking your strokes as they fall on the card...

Dan King has long advocated not keeping score, and it is a wonderful way to play the game.  Me, I don't play enough NOT to count these days, and I still do play monthly tournaments so I have to keep a handicap.  If I played every day, I'd keep score about once a week... it is liberating indeed to throw away the pencil.

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