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    There aren't really any weak holes at Pebble, it just has probably less great holes than some of the other great courses in its peer group. I personally don't think much of #7 and #15 at Pebble. And I have yet to play a 10 by Doak's scale. Every course has something IMHO that disqualifies it from being a 10. Even Sand Hills which is my favorite course in the world. I feel like #13 and #17 SH are basically the same hole, just different yardages. Of course, that is must my opinion, and I appear to be a minority of 1 on it since no one has ever agreed with me. :)

Robert Mercer Deruntz:
In the 70's Hillcrest had the best greens in LA.  Wilshire was pretty good, but 2nd.  Everyone thought Hillcrest was great because of its bunkers having the whitest sand and the conditioning.  11 is a great, great hole.  There are couple of other super holes, but it is a what could be course.  


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