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I've been following the feedback coming in on play at Friar's and it sure sounds to me like a consensus of a bases loaded homerun!

So what do we do now--wait for Golf Digest's raters to get there eventually and tell us they've discovered a great new course on Long Island's East End?

Mr. Paul, that is if they get it, which given their track record is 50-50 at best.


The quality of superior courses does not need the good housekeeping seal of approval from GD. What amazes me is what "guest" mentions in his post. A number of superior courses were bypassd -- the most notable being the first rate effort by Mike DeVries at The Kingsley Club in Michigan. I will also add that I am dumbfounded that The Bridge was also not included.

The qualities of Friar's Head are well spoken for by the people on GCA and that says plenty to me.

Matt Ward:
I did course ratings for Golf Digest for 17 years. I am now assisting Golf Magazine with its Top 100 You can Play. As a member of both the Golf Writer's Association of America and Met Golf Writer's Assoc I also do reviews and ratings for other publications -- most notably, The Jersey Golfer, a publication I have served as editor-in-chief since its inception in 1990.


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