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Paul Turner:
Let's see some pics!


A similar transaction just occured down the beach from Friar's Head, and ceding land or land use rights to a bona fide agency including the State of NY, will qualify the transaction for federal estate tax purposes.

I wasn't aware that Ken has had any problems with the State of NY.

A couple of friends of mine whose opinions I greatly respect have been out to play Friar's Head.  

When I asked them about the golf course, they mostly just smiled happily.  ;D

That told me all I need to know.  No followup questions were necessary or appropriate.   ;)


--- Quote ---So those of you that have played or seen the golf course should feel free to comment, or not comment, about Friar’s Head as you please.

--- End quote ---

I had the opportunity to play it and promised my member friends not to say anything until it was OK.   With Kennys quote I'll be the first to say Friars Head is "World Class".  IMHO its destined to be a Top 50 golf course and probably will be higher.

As most of you know its a Coore-Crenshaw course and having played Sand Hills for the first time just 2 months before playing Friars Head the similarities are remarkable.  Thus for people looking for some type of benchmark, I would say its Sand Hills on a waterfront setting.  Throw in the first 5 holes at Spyglass and a few of the dunes holes at Cypress Point and you have Friars Head.  I mention these other courses because Friars Head has 3 and maybe 4 different types of terrain, holes in sand dunes, in the woods, along the water, and what was formally a potato field which not the most visually spectacular among the most difficult.

I'll let others post some pictures and maybe their favorite hole. Its like NGLA and/or Sand Hills in that any of the 18 holes could be your favorite.


You are correct, they are autonomous.


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