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Robert Mercer Deruntz:
Lake Success used to have occassional assistant Pro events.  The original greens were absolutely treacherous.  It is a rare occurrance when easy pins are used for assistant events.  I haven't played there since the early 90's and still remember the original 17 and 18 greens.  As for the current Deepdale, those who have played it, I always envision how certain holes could be tweeked into becoming better holes.  My favorite thought is moving #9 green parrallel to #18 fairway set up on the hill in front of the clubhouse.  Those who criticize the layout tend to call it Dogleg Left Deepdale!  There are 8Dogleg lefts and only 3 dogleg rights.  By the way, the Deepdale caddies are the elite caddies of Met NY.  Quite a few pros use them regularly in the local tournaments.  I use Guy Saunders--He is a great greens reader and also is very well read making him a great conversationalist.  He is very popular in the area.  That can be said for quite a few of their caddies.  

Robert Mercer Deruntz:
I always enjoy playing Deepdale because it requires a good level of strategic thinking.  The greens are so severe and during the Spring and Fall usually stimping at 11.  There are literally only 5 pins on the 8th green, even though it is @30 yards by 16yards.  To score well, a good player will have to fire away from several pins--also, it is better to lay back on the tee ball on holes 3, 8, 9, and 10.  In tournaments, I have seen quite a few players screw up these holes because they could not control their spin from such proximate positions.  A ball spun off the 8th is a bogey at best!  I blew a semifinal LIPGA match by laying up to the wrong distance on 12 and spinning the ball back 40feet for a well timed 3 putt--the putt had nearly 10 feet of break. Deepdale's strength is the par 3's.  One short up hill, a medium downhill to a long narrow angled green, another medium to wide @20 yard deep green at an opposite angle of the other medium length hole.  Finally, a brutally tough 17th that is downhill at 220 to a 40 yard green with a couple of sucker pin locations cut behind bunkers, and the green has some very severe areas.  Deepdale is not a ground game course, since almost every green is fronted by bunkers or 10ft plus elevated slopes.  It may not be Piping Rock or Bethpage Black, but it is a fun course  to play.  Quite a few local great players play out of the club, including the 2002 US mid-Am Champ. And of course the pro--Darrel Kestner who is even a better guy than his steller playing record.  Every one of his assistants can shoot a serious number!  Hopefully, this provides some helpful insight.

Andy Silis:
Thanks to everyone for their replies!!!!

Tripp: What will I see regarding the bunkering styles of Wilson vs Mac/Raynor? Is there a semblance of continuity in the look, or is it obvious which holes you "restored" and which ones feature original Wilson bunkering? I would think that that would be the case, but I'm interested in your thoughts.

Andy Silis

To A Silis - We have only worked on #5 and #8 greens at the current Deepdale.  This course is still very much the course Dick Wilson did in the 1950's.  The original Deepdale, known now as Lake Success was the course designed by Macdonald/Raynor, which is where we did a signficant amount of work earlier this year and "restored" bunkers in really more of a Raynor style that is much like what he did there originally.  As others have pointed out, the current Lake Success was changed greatly in the 1950's for the LIE, but there are a few "original" holes.  The map that was put up is a little off with the overlay of the original holes is a little off, but not far.  However, there are enough original Raynor features that have remained or that we truthfully restored to give a Raynor fan a good look at his unique style.  As to Dick Wilson, I would suggest trying to play Meadowbrook on the Island as well.

Craig Disher:
Where is the old Deepdale routing (shown in red) "off"? I tried to align it as closely as I could and I don't believe it's off by more than a few yards. Obviously, 3, 4, 14, 15, and 16 are off the aerial too the left.

Since the 1st, 17th and 18th greens at the original Deepdale appear to sit exactly at the sites of 3 current Lake Success greens, do you know if those greens are original Mac/Raynor?


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