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Ravisloe and Aleck Bauer
« on: March 13, 2003, 04:50:09 AM »
In the book 'Hazards' (1913) by Aleck Bauer, the author explains that he has been directing the redesign of Ravisloe assisted by the golf architect Willie Watson (and the greenskeeper Robert White who I assume oversaw construction). I have seen a few old aerials of Ravisloe it had very bold naturalistic bunkering - does the course still have similar bunkering? And how good is the golf course today? Another course of that era that had similar look was Lake Shore - who was responsible for it and what is the current condition of the course?

'Hazards' is an excellent little book. A compelation of articles written by a number of experts, nice photos of famous hazards and very detailed plans and explanations of famous British golf holes. In the introduction Bauer thanks Watson for the use of his copyrighted plans, did Watson have the copyright on the plans of the famous holes (they were drawn by conventional architects) or was Bauer referring to some other plans that my version of the book does not have?
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Re: Ravisloe and Aleck Bauer
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