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Golf Course Architecture / Re: Fortification greens
« Last post by Thomas Dai on Today at 04:05:40 AM »
I had a minor epiphany while playing the 12th at Yale once: that the green is defended both against a golf shot, and a hypothetical army of swordsmen charging up the hill, trying to take that square paddock.

I've had a similar thought in relation to Painswick.
Biggus Dickus, the famous Roman of Monty Python fame, is fictionally tasked with capturing the hill fort that now houses the 5th etc greens at Painswick GC. He and his army struggle for weeks to climb up to the ridge line from the Severn Valley being harassed by enemy booby trips all the way. When they eventually arrive at the base of the hill fort they rest for a while. Once rested they look up at what's still to come with it's steep levels and parapets, glance at one-another in a resigned manner, say some very rude words and go home!

A couple of other examples from near to Painswick would of course be the fortifications at both Cleeve Cloud and Minchinhampton Old. And there's Offa's Dyke, look it up, that crosses Kington GC.

Royal Malta plays through fort battlements and I think I've seen old b&w photos of an early course in Florida or Georgia.

What about a certain Dr from Leeds and military earthworks? Or the use of sleepers/ties by the Dyes?

Maybe Desmond Muirheads work?


Blackwolf Run (River)
Dunes Club
Evergreen GC (Colo)
Fossil Trace
Grayhawk (Talon)
Heritage at Westmoor (Walnut Creek)
Indian Tree
Janesville Riverside GC
Kapalua Plantation
Lone Tree
Mt Gambier GC
Northbrook GC
Omni Interlocken
Pebble Beach
Ridge at Castle Pines North
TPC Scottsdale
University Ridge
Yarra Yarra

From another recent thread:

or maybe it's the result of the COVID-19 situation.  Can't imagine many people are going out Streamsong way.  Or that crews are regrassing.

Golf Course Architecture / Re: Speed slots
« Last post by Thomas Dai on Today at 03:42:42 AM »
An issue with speed slots is the often vast number of divots that accumulate at the end of the slot as so many balls finish in the same area. Seems like drainage can often be poor in such areas too.
The 13th at Silloth was one of the holes I had in the back of my mind when I started the thread about fortifications -,68160.0.html -

"The plotting like a military campaign of the best way through the countryside taking the fairest way, avoiding awkward, rough and hazardous terrain and outpost forts until the rampart like fortifications of the citadel is reached, scaled and ultimately conquered hopefully with sufficient strength remaining and enough ammunition still available for use to conquer numerous further citadels."

Golf Course Architecture / Re: Cramming All the Majors Into the Fall
« Last post by Thomas Dai on Today at 03:31:30 AM »

I've got too much spare time.

The only major is the PGA which they agree to play outside of the US, reduced field of 100, no cut, no caddies, no agents, no swing coaches, no shrinks, no wives, no entourage, no Reed.

NZ after taking preventative measures quickly is free of the virus by October and agrees to take the golfers assuming they are tested , fly private and leave straight away. NZ do a deal to take a % of the TV revenue which is enormous and pays off their govt debt or the All Black salaries whichever is the lesser.

Players carry their bags, use range finders....and its all done at Tara Iti with no crowds. Frank Nobilo and Craig Perks do the commentary and TVNZ do the coverage.

:) :) :) :)
One of the best post in quite a while!
Golf Course Architecture / Re: Who Are You Guys(revisited)?
« Last post by Enno Gerdes on Today at 03:21:38 AM »
Name: Enno Gerdes
Age: 41
Divorced, two kids (8 & 5)
Originally from the northwestern corner of Germany
Living near The Hague (NL)
Profession: director at a mid-sized consultancy firm
Handicap: 12
Home course: Broekpolder (near Rotterdam, NL)
Favourite courses played: Deal, North Berwick, Royal Hague, Norderney.
I had been reading posts and course profiles on GCA for years, mainly to educate myself on golf course history and architecture. Ive learned a lot, but not nearly enough to feel comfortable contributing much to the discussions. One of the first things I did after signing up here was sign up for Buda 2020. So lets hope the virus is under control by late summer!

Enno, whereabouts in northwest Germany? My paternal grandparents immigrated to the United States in 1928, but I've been back over to visit my extended relatives several times. My grandfather's family is from the Nellinghof/Neuenkirchen/Damme area, and my grandmother's family is from Lorup. Not sure if that counts as northwest Germany to you though?

Well, it's a small world! Lorup certainly qualifies as northwest Germany. I grew up in Papenburg, which is about 15 miles from Lorup.
The wind one day made that almost unplayable but fun.
Which one?  Both at Silloth and Goswick we had plenty of wind....

Great choices these three, John.  Given your one hole per course, keeping the number of hole rules, I think these may well be the 13-15 I would go for (no doubt at all with Silloth and Dornoch)
Red and Blue closed, Black still open. Are they re-grassing?
"with only one hole allowed per course. (If not, 17 holes would be from Shinnecock.)"

Seems like a call-out. Which Shinnecock hole wouldn't be included?
The Redan 7th at Shinnecock is the hole that would have been left out.

There is no Redan at Shinnecock, not since Flynn worked on the course.
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