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Title: Acoaxet Golf Club - Westport MA
Post by: John Foley on September 06, 2011, 02:40:42 PM
Just stumbled across Acoaxet Golf Club right off the water of Buzzards Bay in Westport MA.

Looks pretty cool - close to Sakonnet in RI.

Found that they list Larry McDonald as the architect built in 1919 - never heard of him and Google doesn't have much nor does GCA's archives.

Anyone see this before - what are the thoughts?
Title: Re: Acoaxet Golf Club - Westport MA
Post by: hick on September 06, 2011, 03:14:45 PM
John, looks like a fun course and a very nice setting. I think a member is on the DG and has answered questions about Acoaxet. Maybe he will chime in.
Title: Re: Acoaxet Golf Club - Westport MA
Post by: Tim Martin on May 25, 2022, 03:57:42 PM
I couldnít find much in the search function on this Massachusetts course. I would put it in my top 10 nine holers in New England easily and despite going around twice could have played it all day given the opportunity. The Atlantic Ocean, Westport River and a good size natural salt pond are on the perimeter offering different backdrops depending on which hole you are playing. The nineís have different tee positions with a par four changing to a five and a five changing to a four. An interesting set of medium size greens offer just enough subtle contour to keep your attention focused most especially high and wide of the hole. The wind is ever present putting club selection at a premium. The routing takes you out to the water, back inland and then out again until your turn to play the home hole. Membership requires residence confined to Westport and only a certain section at that. The vibe was terrific and I would be happy to play there regularly. Finally a jealous husband wonít find you here as itís in the middle of nowhere.