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Carlyle Rood:
What is your take on plaques commemorating events/persons on a(n) historic course?

Generally, if it can be done modestly and it's not a distraction, I don't think it detracts from the experience.

I remember being surprised where Hogan's plaque was at Merion.  I started to appreciate Hogan's course management more when I recognized how much he throttled down off the tee to allow for a flat lie for his approach to the green.

Of course, I recall we had a plaque commemorating John Daly's win at Atlanta Country Club during the BellSouth Classic.  I think it lasted a week before it was either stolen or tossed into the 18th lake.  No one ever had enough enthusiasm to replace it.  Historically, it wasn't especially eventful anyway.  Perhaps there should be a 10-year moratorium before you can add a plaque.  Sometimes I think we're in too much of a hurry trying to elevate an event to "all-time greatest" status.

Isn't there a plaque by the 17th tee at Cypress Point?  I'm trying to recall what it said.  I think I remember photographing it because I liked it; but, I'm drawing a blank.

Merion, Hole 11

Merion, Hole 18

Eric Franzen:
My favorite plaque is the one on Rancho Park's (LA muni) 18th.
Wish I had a picture... it gives a stroke-by-stroke account of the 12 that Arnold Palmer scored there during the 1960 L.A. Open.

 There is also a plaque at the back of #1 tee at Merion which speaks to the course's historic designation. This plaque along with the one at #11 is simple and not prominently displayed.

I messed up, go to the Sleeman Honeymoon thread for a photo of the CPC's 17th hole plaque.


Voytek Wilczak:
They are awesome, if done discreetely and in good taste.

They connect us to the history of the game, and are a great thrill to see.


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