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Golf Has Lost It's Champion of Pace-of-Play: Bill Yates

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Forrest Richardson:
Bill Yates, pace-of-play "scientist" passed away yesterday in Pebble Beach. Bill spent the past 20 years championing the cause and solutions of pace-of-play through his firm, Pace Manager Systems. Bill consulted for the R&A, PGA, USGA, Pebble Beach and many other clients around the world.

Besides my recent opening at Baylands Golf Links, Bill also worked with other architects and developers to understand what routing would yield the best pace and flow. The Castle Course at St. Andrews was one of his assignments, helping the Links Trust to select the final routing from alternatives.

Course "flow" was always paramount to Bill. He famously opined to slow play at Pebble Beach prior to No. 7 so there would not be so many people waiting for such a long time at the iconic par-3. Perceived time vs. actual time were just some of his contributions. He also helped author the USGA Pace Rating System. Bill was a process engineer and helped many in golf to overcome the preconceived notions about pace that have plagued golf ... namely, that it is always the "player's fault."

Bill was a good friend. I encourage all to look up some of his posts here, and also try and find some of his writings and interviews.

Adam Lawrence:
RIP Bill. Lovely man.

Forrest Richardson:
Yes, he was certainly a gentleman and always had such passion. As more information is available I will post it.

Rich Goodale:

He helped moved the game from ridicule to a proper sport.

Thanks Mr. Yates

Sad news.  He was a very interesting, and witty man.  His pace assessment of holes 6 and 7 at Pebble should be more known.  Making hole 6 more difficult to keep more players on 5 and 6, rather than countless groups waiting on 7, was so simple, yet he was the only one that figured it out.


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