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Another top 100 list, "Top 100 Most Prestigious Clubs in the US"

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Jimmy Muratt:
Wandering through the local Barnes & Noble today, I found the new issue of Golf Connoisseur magazine and when I saw the cover story was,"Top 100 Most Prestigious Club in the US", it of course drew my attention.  Each club in the top 20 has a paragraph about the club.

The editor actually pokes fun at themselves for doing yet another top 100 list, but theirs is actually pretty interesting and seems well thought out.  Here is a link to the article which I found on their website:

Here is a partial list, their top 20:
1.  Pine Valley
2.  Augusta National
3.  Cypress Point
4.  Shinnecock Hills
5.  Merion
6.  San Francisco Golf Club
7.  Chicago Golf Club
8.  Seminole
9.  Fishers Island
10. Newport Country Club
11. NGLA
12. Oakmont
13. The Country Club (Brookline)
14. Maidstone
15. Burning Tree
16. Myopia Hunt Club
17. Crystal Downs
18. Oakland Hills
19. Los Angeles CC
20. Garden City Golf Club

What the heck is their definition of "prestige" which produces a list like that?

Some are pretentious and some not.  Some are very difficult to join and others not so much.  Many are "old money" but not the #1, which a friend once described as "the most expensive resort course in America," because the majority of foursomes were a member and three guests.

Heck, I'm even a member of one of them, and to paraphrase Groucho Marx, no club which let me join could be too prestigious.

Jimmy Muratt:
According to the magazine:

-  "The clubs were judged by a panel of experts -- golf writers, players, administrators, and others -- on their history, upholding of the game's traditions, quality of the golf course, quality of the membership, and those intangibles that promote prestige."

-  "clubs had to be at least five years old to qualify"

-  "Every magazine with 'golf' in its title does lists," says James A. Frank, Editor-in-Chief of Golf Connoisseur, "but they're almost always about courses.  Our list is different. As everyone who belongs to one knows, a club is much more than its course. A club is defined by the people who belong to it, the tradition that surrounds it, the history that shapes it, and the game of golf that unites us all."

Brad Klein:
Tom, you got into CD cheap and early, before anyone knew it was worth joining.


Guess I should have taken the same approach with the ASGCA.   ;)

I probably dragged the Downs down a couple of notches by having to be factored into their quality of membership.  But then I still wonder how Pine Valley is at #1 with all of those architect-members they have.


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