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Wow,,,where to begin.

Must see TV for any fan of golf, history, sports and The Masters.

A treasure trove of players(Nicklaus, Player, Trevino, De Vincenzo, Floyd, Yancey, Devlin, Goalby, Aaron) golf course, and information on an event I was aware of, but had not seen play out in real time.

The ending-Talk about awkward...
The interview should be mandatory viewing for any young athlete.
Goalby looked FAR more distraught than De Vincenzo-what a shame for him as he was denied his chance to not have an asterisk by the win by not getting a playoff to win it outright.

De Vincenzo was 45 years old-I selfishly feel deprived of seeing him play as a past champion in his later years (my Masters memories began in 1975-though I may well have attended in 1968 as a 5 year old non golfing picnicer)

I hear all this talk about how "athletic" players are now.True players today don't have their manteets, but those guys had forearms born of hard work and knew how to create speed without looking like swimsuit models.
I'd like to see a player besides DJ that could take down De Vincenzo.

Watch Raymond Floyd rip at it and tell me they weren't able to swing hard at it because of small headed equipment.

The golf course looked so much better, and so much less contrived-noteably 17(Disneyland of fake looking pinebedded trees) and 18 (which is now an awkward unattractive claustrophic chute rather than the strategic decision it once was)

Also amazing how few putts are made when they have to carry speed to get to the hole-many more lipouts as the ball isn't crawling as it reaches the hole and gravity pulls it in.

I turned it off after a couple minutes though because the ball wasn't going far enough.
300 uphill on 17....booooring
For me it must be Alness since it became an 18 holer. Otherwise it would be Skibo.
Golf Course Architecture / Re: "Scottish" GCA Winter get together
« Last post by Jon Wiggett on Today at 03:36:04 PM »

Course re-opened at lunchtime.  Unless there's further snow or a heavy frost it will be open in the morning.  It might be Spring but this is going to feel like a Winter outing!

It would be rather ironic if this turned out to be the coldest of the meetings so far given it's date. See you all tomorrow.
Golf Course Architecture / Re: "Scottish" GCA Winter get together
« Last post by Mark Chaplin on Today at 03:35:28 PM »
Will call before setting off. It didnít snow in St Andrews before lunch but thereís been several flurries since. Sea was crashing over the harbour wall in spectacular fashion at Anstruther this afternoon.

What's the nearest course to you which you haven't played? Little River Golf & Resort or Whispering Woods Golf Club, both about 3 miles away.
Approximately where do you live? Near the Airport in Pinehurst.
Who designed it? Dan Maples
What would the answer be if you played it your next round? Whichever of the two listed about that I didn't play. Beyond that, either Talamore or Longleaf.
What's stopping you? Time and a wealth of public options nearby. They're a bit lower on the list than some other places.


What's the nearest course to you which you haven't played? Forest Creek Golf Club
Who designed it? Fazio
What would the answer be if you played it your next round? Country Club of North Carolina, I think.
What's stopping you? Time mostly.
Golf Course Architecture / Re: Nicklaus on Augusta
« Last post by Jim Nugent on Today at 02:32:01 PM »
Can you really compare the 2 courses even beyond the obvious differences such as elevation changes, etc.  I don't see the quirkiness of TOC anywhere at ANGC and that to me is an essential element of TOC. How about the enormous greens at TOC and it doesn't seem that the green complexes play similarly.

Some ways both courses seem to me similar, at least as Mac designed/built ANGC:

* Very little rough;
* No or few trees, which along with the first point meant few lost balls and the ability to virtually always play your shots;
* Very little earthmoving;
* Strategic shotmaking all around the course, from tee to green;
* Natural contours serve as 'hazards' and frame much of the play;
* Greens that require correct approach shots.  What Ran says about TOC, that "one could hit every every fairway and every green in  regulation and still not score better than 80," applies to ANGC too.   
* So flexible in design they work equally well for everyday play as well as major tournaments for pro's. 

IIRC Mackenzie used at least three TOC holes as templates at ANGC: Eden, Road and #18.  It's also interesting (telling?) that Nicklaus won 8 of his 18 majors at the two courses, or about 44%, while Tiger won 6 of his 14 (about 42%) at the same two courses.   

As for quirk, did you see that Tiger Woods game version several years ago of the original ANGC? Blew me away.     
Testing out a photo post from Twitter...It worked. See below the image for my comment.

Here is an image in sepia, from the 17th hole at Old Town Club. To the 3-4 fellows who donated, thank you. DM me and I will give you a list of courses I have, and we can find photos you like. To all the rest, thanks for your consideration. Scroll up and you will find a link to the donation site.
Fantastic!  Crazy seeing Ray Floyd knowing that he'd still be putting himself in the same position 20 years later.  Hearing Byron Nelson chiming in on the commentary also strange. 

I like Goalby's action. 

For the scorecard controversy, I never realized the order of how the events played out.  Goalby thought he had to make his putt to get into a playoff, but it was for the win in hindsight.  May have changed things in terms of pressure if he knew the actual situation. 
East end of long island: Maidstone, Shinny, FH
Also on the east end.  Too numerous to even mention.
Wow, this is incredible stuff. Good on ANGC for archiving these and making them so easily accessible.
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