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Golf Course Architecture / Re: 18 Under Par to Qualify for Web.Com
« Last post by Jeff Schley on Today at 03:43:23 PM »
Yes I am saying there are more than 25 cards available if you make the 76-125 go through the Tour Finals and make it 75 spots available.  Also the previous Q school isn't similar to the Tour Finals.  The previous Q school was 108 holes played on consecutive days at the same course.  The Tour Finals are separate tournaments over 3-4 weeks. 

I don't have data either about how the 126-200 that went to and earned their cards back.  I would just like to see more opportunities for young players to have starts on the big tour and making 76-125 qualify via the Tour Finals is a step in the right direction. If the 76-125 are better, we will find out over 3-4 tournaments against the guys.  Reward competence by proving it.  It isn't special to get 125 place on the PGA Tour where the guy probably only made 1/3 of the cuts and maybe had 2 top tens perhaps.
If anyone has numbers on this we would love to see it.
I'll cough up 18. Will give up the Saturday Mashie round, that still leaves one Mashie round on Sunday.  Afterwards heading to Ozarks National and maybe the Tiger course if open by then.
Golf Course Architecture / Re: 18 Under Par to Qualify for Web.Com
« Last post by Jim Sullivan on Today at 03:03:20 PM »
I canít believe the Tour would rather see Tony Finau hitting a 6 iron from 205 than Radar hitting a 1 iron...
Golf Course Architecture / Re: Templates 2.0
« Last post by Tim Gallant on Today at 02:54:04 PM »
Talking Stick North #2/Streamsong Red #7?

Are there enough similarities among Old Mac #7/N Berwick #13/Boston GC(not sure of #, but looks similar, but to the right)


Talk to me a little bit about TS North and Streamsong Red 7. I haven't played either, so would be curious.

Old Mac is a homage to Macdonald, so would guess anything on that course is a template. NB 13 though...I like the concept of Pit as a template.


Agreed on #1 Oakmont. Utilising a downhill approach to a green that runs away would be something I would incorporate.

What about Friar's #10? I love that as a template potentially.
Golf Course Architecture / Re: 18 Under Par to Qualify for Web.Com
« Last post by Peter Flory on Today at 02:30:12 PM »
The top players on tour last year had an average distance to the pin of less than 160 yards after their drives (including par 5s). This is the Dustin/ Brooks/ Rory/ Bubba crew.  And I'm sure that they scaled back a significant portion of the time for accuracy. With these guys, that means that they average about a smooth 9 iron.  So, say a couple mid irons into par 5s and SW/PW into most par 4s. 

This is why they have to tuck the hell out of pins to even keep scores at -20 for an event. 

Just as a comparison.  In 1980, using the average PGA tour driving distance and the 7,040 yards of Augusta National that year, less the par 3s, the average player would have had an average approach shot of 195 yards in that Masters tournament.  So, Seve got it to 13 under with those dynamics. 

Mike Reid would have had an average approach of 207 in that tournament.  With him and with his 1980 blades, that it probably a 1-iron. 
I no longer play golf, but I'll try to turn up to walk round with you. Mark.

That would be great, Mark.

If I can wrest the new car away from my wife, I'll give you a lift!
Golf Course Architecture / Re: "Pine Valley In Florida"
« Last post by Derek_Duncan on Today at 02:17:48 PM »
Interesting regarding Clark. Another occasional Florida-based poster here, Jay Revell, said that Clark designed Palatka (which is a really neat, short course, especially the second nine) along with Hyde Park in Jacksonville. I heard elsewhere that there was some type of drawing or routing map of Palatka in the Tufts Archives that had Ross's signature on it, and likely Clark carried out construction.


I may be wrong but I believe that Brad Klein and others have found no indication that Ross had anything to do with Palatka.   Perhaps someone from the Tufts Archives may have some information on their holdings?

Completely unverified -- someone sent a message to me. We should stick to Klein. Thanks Mike.
Due to the extensive wait list we're trying to get as many people as possible to experience Prairie Dunes.

We have 36 holes planned on Saturday of which only one 18 is "official" Mashie competition. Is there anyone confirmed as a participant that only wants to play those 18 holes on Saturday, and willing to give up their second 18 to someone on the wait list? I'll start it off putting myself in that category.

That would enable a few people on the waitlist to play PD on Saturday, maybe work in another course nearby, and take part in the dinner Saturday night.

Shout out your name if 18 holes/day is enough golf for you.

Golf Course Architecture / Re: Footage of MacKenzie from WWI?
« Last post by Jeff_Brauer on Today at 01:55:07 PM »
Well, if it is him, his ability to seek out publicity, beating out probably hundreds of other medics for camera time, would go on to serve him well in his gca career.  Trent Jones and others would be proud!
Another excellent volume...

... If Iím honest, the biggest surprise for me was that Tara Iti *only* got 8ís across the board.

Given itís lofty Top-100 ranking and the number of people on here that rave about it as definitely a Tom top-3, I was expecting it to average around 9.

I gave it a 9 and my opinion comes first.  I think my associates missed something there.  But they've only seen it once and they all lost to me in our tournament there 😉

This was my biggest surprise as well. Granted I haven't been to the regions covered in this book, BUT I know several people who have visited Tara Iti, and all came back with glowing reviews. Half a dozen of them have said that it is in the discussion for the best course on the planet. Sounds like more than an 8 to me.
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