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Golf Course Architecture / Re: YANK'S NIFTY 50 2019
« Last post by Sean_A on Today at 03:49:49 AM »
A fun exercise to think about my "Fun 50" rather than best although there is a good amount of overlap:

Bandon Trails, Oregon
Barnbougle Dunes, Tasmania
Barton Hills, Michigan
Big Fish, Wisconsin
Bulle Rock, Maryland
Cabot Cliffs, Nova Scotia
Cabot Links, Nova Scotia
Commonwealth GC, Victoria
Crowbush Cove, PEI
Diamond Springs, Michigan
Dismal River (Red), Nebraska
Elk Rapids GC, Michigan
Formby, England
Green Gables, PEI
Greywalls, Michigan
Highland Links, Nova Scotia
High Pointe (NLE), Michigan
Kapalula, Hawaii
Keller, Minnesota
Kingsley Club, Michigan
Kingston Heath, Victoria
Lakewood Shores (The Gailes), Michigan
Leslie Park, Michigan
Mammoth Dunes, Wisconsin
Manitou Ridge, Minnesota
Marquette GC, Michigan
Midland Hills CC, Minnesota
New South Wales, NSW
Northland CC, Minnesota
Old Mac, Oregon
Pacific Dunes, Oregon
Peninsula Kingswood (North), Victoria
Ravisloe CC, Illinois
Royal Lytham & St. Annes, England
Royal Melbourne East, Victoria
Royal Melbourne West, Victoria
Sand Valley, Wisconsin
Silloth On Solway, England
St. Andrews Beach, Victoria
Stoneridge, Minnesota
The Fortress, Michigan
The Loop (Black), Michigan
The Loop (Red), Michigan
Troy Burne, Wisconsin
Wallasey, England
White Bear Yacht Club, Minnesota
Windsong Farms, Minnesota
World Woods (Pine Barrens), Florida
Yarra Yarra GC, Victoria


How is The Gailes holding up? It's been a very long time since I last played the course, but it made a big impact on me.

Leslie Park? I have fond memories of this course as I must have played it a hundred times. I never quite got my head around the Hills work as it seemed 50/50 in terms of improving on what was a good L Packard design.

I probably prefer the holes on the hilly side of the road at Huron Hills. This is a very cool group of T Bendelow holes that probably gave me a first appreciation for short courses. I suspect the course is still in need of serious TLC and it deserves the attention of a clever archie. Of course, this space is used for parks and recs sledding/cross country skiing in winter so it's a good use of the land.

Happy Hockey
Golf Course Architecture / Re: Another top100 list
« Last post by Sean_A on Today at 02:58:47 AM »
One course surprised me, Royal Aberdeen. I haven't noticed if it made the huge splash it seems to on this list.

BTW, does anybody else find using this site on a phone incredibly frustrating?

Happy Hockey
Anyone know the plans for number 8. The green and pond have always felt out of place. Maybe I am wrong, but assume that was rebuilt later.
Golf Course Architecture / Re: RIP Archie Baird
« Last post by mike_beene on Today at 12:24:41 AM »
There are very few places that call my inner soul. One is St. Andrews and no explanation need be given. Another is the Gullane, Muirfield, North Berwick strip but the constant centerpiece to that is the little museum. It is a supreme honor to Archie that it will continue. I have got to get back this summer. RIP
If I was paying someone to believe what I told them this is the exact kind of place that I would tell them is great. It looks that good.
Golf Course Architecture / Re: Which Tom makes more sense Fazio or Simpson?
« Last post by Tom_Doak on Yesterday at 07:51:38 PM »

Speaking of such, I'm curious why 10 and 11 was ruled out as a possible short 4?  Google earth shows 310 yards as the crow flies from the the back lower tee on 10 to the middle of 11 green, (10-15 yards longer going around the dune).  With that location and view, seems it could of been a "Cracker of a hole" to borrow Sean's phrase. Layup and play over the inlet or go for it with the tee ball?

Well, the fairway for a hole like that drops off to oblivion about 230 off the tee, and you can't see 11 green around the dune from 10 tee, so you'd be playing blind around the hill, or worse yet, over it and maybe still off the cliff.  I did not consider that for more than 5 seconds.

Plus, Mr. Keiser fell in love with the upper tee on #10 the first time he saw it.  And though he resisted the idea of back to back par-3's, in the end, he was counting "ocean holes" and my solution was two for the price of your one.
Golf Course Architecture / Re: The 13 best golf courses built this decade
« Last post by Tom_Doak on Yesterday at 07:45:12 PM »
Silo Ridge ?

Has anyone on this site played it ?
This was obviously compiled before JC quit the panel.
Golf Course Architecture / Re: The 13 best golf courses built this decade
« Last post by Pete_Pittock on Yesterday at 06:57:18 PM »
In North America, since 09/2018
Golf Course Architecture / The 13 best golf courses built this decade
« Last post by Ryan Farrow on Yesterday at 06:31:52 PM »

And #1 is......

Congaree, Ridgeland, S.C.

Posting this list here reminds me of the first time I went to a zoo in China. For a few dollars you could throw a live chicken into a  lion's den. If that didn't float your boat you could drop one in the crocodile pit. Enjoy!

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